About this product

Feeling tired, bloated, unmotivated, or hit a plateau this winter?

Our Ultimate 3 Day Cleanse could be just the thing you need. Detoxing or cleansing can help to remove the unwanted toxins from the body, improve your metabolism and kick start your energy levels.

The trouble with some traditional cleansing programs is that they cut out entire food groups (and in many cases, there’s no food at all!), which can cause lots of problems.

Even though you’d be likely to lose weight on traditional detox programs, much of the weight loss would be water – and this will all come back once you start eating normally again.

At the Healthy Mummy, we take a more sustainable approach – and one that you might not find too difficult to follow (even if breastfeeding – just make sure to have an extra 500 calories each day on the plan, or more if you are hungry).

It’s all about clean eating. Our Ultimate 3 Day Cleanse means cutting back on processed foods and drinks and getting back to basics. That means nutrient-dense foods that will give your system a boost and leave you feeling great.

In fact, the kind of health benefits you can expect from our Ultimate3 Day Cleanse includes reduced stomach bloat; improved energy levels; clearer mind; glowing complexion.