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This pack contains:

  • 2 x Green Clay Mask

Green Clay Mask in detail


Featuring mineral rich French Green Clay, this clarifying mask works to detoxify and protect the skin by drawing out toxins and bacteria whilst working deep within where excess oil can build up. Formulated with unique ingredients such as licorice root, matcha tea and oxygen-infused chlorophyll, the mask will repair and protect your skin. Aloe Vera Extract and Shea Butter work to soothe skin, reducing irritation and inflammationThis mask is perfect to brighten dull looking skin.


  • Detoxifies by drawing out impurities, toxins and pollutants and absorbing excess sebum
  • Balances and soothes stressed or sensitive skin, reducing irritation and inflammation
  • Protects the skin and repairs damage caused by climate aggressors, pollution and UV radiation
  • Deeply hydrates leaving your skin moisturised
  • Improves texture for a smoother, more even skin tone
  • Reduces redness and discolouration of the skin


Elle, Mum of 2: “I have suffered with hormonal acne for years and years, finally I have found a product that helps to cleanse and freshen my skin without leaving it feeling stripped and dry. My skin is calmer and so much smoother. I absolutely love using the green clay mask it feels so luxurious and comforting when I take a little time out to pamper myself after a busy week- plus I don’t even need to go to a clinic and it is safe whilst I’m breastfeeding. Love love love it xx”

Sascha, Mum of 3:“This green skin mask is absolute perfection. It smells amazing and is so gentle. I can see a difference as soon as I take it off. Another one to add to the regularly used collection that’s for sure. I will add – I think the best part is it dries REALLY nicely on your face, you don’t get that really hard tightening feeling.”

Bec Ashforth, Mum to 5: “Smells amazing, love the beautiful packaging and above all else my skin feels fantastic. 10 out of 10 from me. Just like a day at the spa. But i didn’t need to leave the house or find someone to look after the little people. COMPLETE MUMMY WIN”


Lauren Kolstad, 36: “I’ve been focusing a lot more on my skin recently and have been LOVING the green clay mask. Whether I get distracted and it stays on a lot longer than 10mins, or I only have the shortest 10mins to spare – afterwards my skin feels soft and the redness is gone. Who would have thought that at 36 years old I’d start having breakouts again – but I have. After using the green clay mask my skin is clearer and calmer. I love it! Adding it to my skin essentials list.”

Cassie, Mum of 2:LOVE! 10/10! The timing of this mask couldn’t have been more perfect.   With it being mandatory to wear masks here at the moment, I was beginning to notice that my skin was starting to suffer and I was getting pimples on my nose and chin. I needed something that would cleanse and detoxify my skin. I’ve used the new Green Skin mask a few times now and am in love!  My skin feels AMAZING after using it! Redness is reduced and my skin feels much smoother and firmer. This will definitely be a regular part of my beauty and skin care routine ❤❤❤

Amy: “I am loving the Healthy Mummy green mask. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean.

I’ve also noticed it is helping with my deep pores and helping with my oily skin.”

Jess, Mum of 2:I have been loving using the green clay mask I feel like my skin has had a real detox and overall I feel like my face has become so much clearer I love the unique ingredients such as licorice root and matcha tea it’s quick and easy to use and you get such a great result in such a short amount of time.”

Kaitie, Mum of 2: “This green clay mask is incredible. It smells wonderful and makes my skin feel amazing. I’ve been using it for a week now and I am so happy with the results, my skin is clearer and I’ve had less hormonal breakouts than I usually do.”


Using the brush, apply the mask evenly to clean and slightly damp skin. Avoid eye area. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes or until dried, then wash off with warm water and pat dry. Use 2-3 times a week.


French Green Clay is rich in minerals and is an ideal treatment for oily or combination skin. Green Clay purifies and mattifies by absorbing excess sebum and skin impurities.

Matcha Tea can protect the skin from ageing and limit sun damage. 

Licorice Root is an antioxidant ingredient which soothes skin, reducing irritation, redness and discolouration.

Aloe Vera Extract soothes, purifies and rejuvenates skin.

Australian Kaolin White Clay is perfect for balancing stressed and sensitive skin. It creates a youthful appearance and provides ultimate hydration and skin firmness. Kaolin White Clay helps to refine delicate lines, moisturise and improve overall skin texture. 

Shea Butter protects the skin and repairs damage caused by climate aggressors, pollution and UV radiations. It is good for dry and sensitive skin, plus it has soothing, regenerating and protective virtues

Avocado Oil contains Vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E, and Beta carotene.


  • For Full FAQ’s on the Green Clay Mask please click here


Is the Green Clay Mask suitable for all skin types?

  • Yes, the Green Clay Mask is suitable for  all skin types.

Can I use the Green Clay Mask if I have acne or a skin condition?

  • Yes, if you have acne to a skin condition you can certainly use the Green Clay Mask. It may assist or improve acne due to the properties of the Australian Kaolin and Green Clay. 

What is excess sebum? How does the Green Clay Mask absorb it? green clay is traditionally known to absorb oil assisting with balancing oil control

  • Green Clay absorbs the skins excess oil (sebum) and is known yo assist with balancing oil control. 

Is the Green Clay Mask safe for breastfeeding? 

  • Yes, the Green Clay Mask is safe for Breastfeeding but as always it is best to consult your GP before use if you are breastfeeding.

Is the Green Clay Mask safe for pregnancy? 

  • It is always best to consult your GP prior to using products when pregnant 

What do I do if I get the Green Clay Mask in my eyes?

  • If you get the Green Clay Mask in your eyes, immediately rinse with tepid water. 

How long will it take for me to get results from my Green Clay Mask? 

  • You may see results immediately after use but typically 28 days as this is how long it takes cells to regenerate

How many uses are there in the Green Clay Mask tub?

  • It really depends how often you use the mask and how liberal you are with you application. However on average a tub of the Green Clay Mask should last around 3-6 months. 

My face felt warm and tingly whilst using the Green Clay Mask, is this okay?

  • Yes, this is perfectly normal. The clay has thermal actives which draw out toxins and gently clean the skin without scrubbing. This is caused by the clays in the mask.