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About this product

Feeding your family can be hard work! You might want to follow healthy eating meal plans, but do the rest of the family? How do you ensure everyone is getting balanced, healthy meals that they actually enjoy?

There’s nothing worse than slaving away in the kitchen preparing a variety of meals and then the family turns their nose up at what you’ve served

5We’ve put together this cookbook to help make healthy, family-friendly cooking a lot easier. There are a variety of budget-friendly recipes to suit breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – plus tips to help you encourage your clan to try new things, overcome fussy eating, and get involved and excited with healthy eating.

We also give you some ideas on how to make it easier to accommodate everyone’s needs and tastes without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Healthy eating doesn’t mean you need to be a celebrity chef or start a professional catering company.

You can provide your family with healthy meals that everyone will enjoy by following some of our tips and trying a few of our favourite, easy-to-prepare recipes, included in this book.