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About this product

Living a healthy lifestyle can be so easily sabotaged by the wrong snack choices: excessive quantities, low-quality junk foods and mindless grazing – a habit we can so easily fall into, especially when sleep deprived! All of this gives snacks a bad rap.

However, at The Healthy Mummy, we believe that snacks can be more friend than foe; it’s all about snacking smarter.

The right snacks, made with quality ingredients, in reasonably sized portions, can keep your metabolism firing at maximum efficiency and help to fulfil your body’s nutritional requirements.

This book has more than 50 recipes and grab-and-go snack ideas, from savoury nibbles and delicious dips to decadently sweet treats.

All of them are quick and easy to prepare – perfect for hungry and time-poor mums!

We hope you enjoy the recipes in this book and find it useful in your journey toward a healthier lifestyle.