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About this product

This pack contains

  • 2x Vitamin C + Rosehip Capsules

Vitamin C + Rosehip Capsules in detail

The Vitamin C + Rosehip capsules contribute to a healthy immune system. Each serve contains over 500mg of Vitamin C per sever, that’s the equivalent of eating over 7 oranges! The capsules contains nutrients that support the formation of collagen and boost your energy levels.

Reasons to LOVE the Vitamin C + Rosehip Capsules

  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Energy boosting – reduces tiredness and fatigue
  • Contains nutrients that support the formation of collagen for healthy skin, teeth, gums, bones and cartilage
  • Good source of Vitamin C – over 500mg per serve, that’s the equivalent of eating over 7 oranges!
  • GMO free
  • Each tub contains 60 capsules – that’s 2 months worth of immune support

Directions for use

Take 1 capsule daily with food

Nutritional Information and Ingredients

Additional Information

  • Each tab contains 60 capsules
  • Do not exceed recommended daily dose
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding please consult your doctor before use
  • For FAQ’s on the Vitamin C + Rosehip Capsules, please click here

Our UK mums are raving about the Vitamin C + Rosehip Capsules

Maria Quantrill – Northamptonshire
Maria says “These capsules are amazing! I have been taking them for just a few weeks and I’ve noticed a huge difference.  I’ve suffered from ezcema & dry skin since I was born & since taking these my skin hasn’t been flaring up like it normally does.  Also at the weekend I woke up with a really bad sinus headache & felt a really heavy cold developing……. but the next day I woke up feeling much better.  By the following day I was back to feeling 100% on form again….. and I believe thats down to these little marvels. I even got up & ran 7km, My immune system obviously hit back at the germs and won .  I can not recommend them highly enough.”
Kerry Piercy
Kerry says “Boosting my day with my vitamins as they have been keeping my immune system boosted and when breastfeeding.  I know I’m helping my little one with their antibodies and keeping us all healthy this winter.  Also noticed I don’t look so washed out, tired and my bags underneath my eyes have reduced.”
Carrie Ridley
Carrie says “Who doesn’t want more energy.  Since trying them I feel great, I feel more energetic but not only that my hair looks great, my skin is clear (I’ve always suffered acne so that is amazing) and my nails are so much stronger considering all the hand washing and sanitising. I have just re ordered a double pack as these are going to be my daily routine for a while.”
Stephanie Dalton
Stephanie says “These are little miracles, I have noticed two big changes since starting them over 3 weeks ago.  Firstly, I had a sickness bug and I would normally take a good few days after to feel quite right again but I recovered fully within 24 hours ,so my immune system is massively improved.  Secondly, my hair. Smoothies and thickening products have had a small difference in the thinning on top of my hair but since taking these as well this is 3 weeks difference, I have so much new hair growth, the difference that has made to me is massive, cannot recommend enough!”
Vanessa McAdam
Vanessa says “As a nurse and during these trying times, I find the additional vitamin c beneficial to my immunity.  I have to say, the rosehip is really helping with the breakouts from constant mask wearing.  I can honestly say my health and skin have improved since I started taking them.  I love knowing I am giving my body the nutrients it requires to fight all of these potential illnesses around me as a nurse I also feel the additional vitamins have helped increase my energy levels to cope with the demands of night shifts, limited sleep with school runs and making sure I fit my workouts in.“