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These inspiring mums are here to motivate you on your weight loss journey

Here at the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, we love to acknowledge our amazing mums and these incredible mums have all achieved epic weight loss results and in the process have become better versions of themselves.

Not only do they feel empowered, but they also look and feel amazing!

All of these incredible mums have had the most life-changing and inspiring weight loss journeys and transformations, and we couldn’t be happier for them!

They are here to share their tips, inspire and motivate other mums to take the plunge to better health!

The epic weight loss journeys of these amazing mums

Amy Bunce

Amy says, “Hi, I’m Amy. I’m 33, from Swadlincote, South Derbyshire and a stay at home mum to my two beautiful girls aged eight months and three years. So far I have lost 14kg and have another 6.3 stone to 7.8 stone left to lose.

I decided to join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge as I need to loose weight for health reasons. It was a plan that is designed with breastfeeding mums in mind. My pledge for 2019 is to consistently adhere to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge lifestyle diet AND exercise.

For anyone starting out my advice is that you remember that this is a journey, it doesn’t matter how many times you get off track, you can’t fail a journey. So be kind to yourself.”

Amy’s pledge for 2019

“To follow the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge lifestyle (diet and exercise) consistently.”

Tips for staying on track

  1. “Prep is key, make sure you have a good stock of healthy snacks available so you can grab them easily.
  2. Drink plenty of water. Being well hydrated has so so many benefits including helping to keep hunger at bay
  3. Use the support group whenever you are having a tough time. The ladies in there are amazing and will always try to help.”

Vanessa McAdam

Vanessa says, “Hi, I’m Vanessa. I’m 43 and have two boys aged four and three. I’m an Aussie living in Bangor, Northern Ireland. 

I have lost 1.5 stone and over 20cm and 2-3 dress sizes. 

I started Healthy Mummy simply to lose weight but have gained a total lifestyle change that works.”

Vanessa’s pledge for 2019

“I will continue my 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge journey, allow more time for self care, and run a 10k!

If you are thinking about joining, start simple, just try some of the meals and add in the snacks, they are delicious! And now more.”

Vanessa’s 3 tips for staying on track

  1. “be consistent 
  2. have snacks prepped and ready! Having muffins or bliss balls in the freezer can be a godsend!
  3. drink plenty of water – sometimes you might feel hungry but it’s really water and hydration you need!”

Eleni Ogbue

Eleni says, “Hello, my name is Eleni and I am 35 years old. I have two children aged four years and 11 months and live in Cambridge.

I started the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge at the start of November, and have lost 11 pounds so far and can feel a big difference in the way my clothes fit. I have to go up to the loft tomorrow to find some smaller trousers as the ones I’ve been wearing for the last few years are now all way too big and baggy, they keep falling down!

You probably can’t see a difference in my photos, but my husband has noticed it, and he never notices anything! I started the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge because I was fed up of feeling fat and ugly and worthless.

I didn’t want my children to be ashamed of me and wonder why I am so much bigger than their mum’s friends. I want to be fit and healthy so I can run around with them and have fun.”

Eleni’s pledge for 2019

  • is to make exercise a regular part of my routine.

Advice for anyone who is thinking of joining is just do it. It’s so cheap and you get so much on the app!

Eleni’s 3 tips for those just starting 

  1. Start with snacks. Prep them in advance and have them ready to turn to when you feel tempted to go for junk.
  2. Don’t feel you have to stick to the meal plan. I look through and choose a couple of meals I like each week and just focus on those.
  3. Don’t worry too much about what the scales say.

Sar McGowan

Sar says, “My name is Sar McGowan, 37 yrs old with a 2 yr old boy and 4yr old girl from Surrey.

Lost over 2 stone so far. Started the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge after hitting rock bottom mentally and physically.”

Sar’s pledge for 2019

  • “be the best I can be in 2019 to be the healthiest me I can be.” 

“If you are thinking of joining the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges, just go for it – you won’t believe the changes you will see both physically and mentally.

Just ease yourself in and get to know the 28Day Weight Loss Challenges routine. Before you know it, it will all be second nature. Prep as much as you can to help save time and money. Ask for advice when needed in the support group – we are all here to help.”

Sar’s 3 tips to help you keep on track

  1. “prep so that you have a freezer stash,
  2. drink plenty of water,
  3. keep moving – even an extra walk a day helps!”

Nikki Eckley

Nikki says, “I’m Nikki, 32 years old with 2 girls aged 3 and 4. We live in Kingston upon Thames.

I have lost 1 stone. I joined because I realised something needed to change in my life, I was gaining weight, in constant knee pain and deeply unhappy. I pledge to spend the time needed on myself to be healthy both physically and mentally.

My advice for someone wanting to join is to give yourself a chance. I spent all my energy on everyone else and ignored my own well-being. But now I am so much happier and have so much more energy to manage it all.”

Nikki’s pledge for 2019

  • “spend time on myself to be healthy both mentally and physically.”

Nikki’s top 3 tips 

  1. “Keep your progress photos so you can see how you are changing
  2. Be kind to yourself, positivity is a powerful tool, so no more being negative about yourself

And finally celebrate the small wins along the way.”

Isabelle Rodriguez

Isabelle says, “I am 35 years of age from Peterborough, Mum to Sophie, 6, and Rory, 2. 

I have lost 1 stone 5lb

I decided to get start to get back in control of my eating habits.”

Isabelle’s pledge for 2019

Isabelle’s pledge for 2019

  • “Commit 100% to the plan,
  • Food AND exercise,
  • To become the woman and the mum I know I can be.”

“My advice for anyone who’s thinking about joining the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges: Do it! Don’t delay. It might be overwhelming at the start but you will be grateful you started even after only a couple of weeks.”

Isabelle’s top 3 tips to stay on track:

  1. “Meal plan and prep
  2. Drink water
  3. Exercise every day.”

Elizabeth Flewitt

Elizabeth says, “I am 38 years old. I have a 5 year old son. I live in Surrey. 

So far I have lost just over a stone in weight  and one dress size. 

I got started because I needed to. I needed something that would help me get healthy, fit and be sustainable.” 

Elizabeth’s pledge for 2019

  • “Do not give up, no matter how hard it may get.” 

“My advice for anyone thinking about joining….join!!! Then take it at your pace to allow it to become part of your life.”

Elizabeth’s 3 top tips 

  1. “Plan and Prep
  2. Get moving
  3. Drink plenty of water.”

Katie Kirkham

Katie says, “I’m Katie Kirkham I’m 31 and a mum of 2 girls aged 2 and 5 from Leeds 

I’ve lost 3.5 stone so far 

I started to look good in my wedding dress and that I did!”

Katie’s pledge for 2019

“I pledge to lose my final stone and be a yummy mummy!” 

My advise for anyone thinking of joining… just do it!”

Katie’s tips for success are: 

  1. “snack prep,
  2. drink plenty of water 
  3. move as much as you can! 
  4. be forgiving and consistent”

Nicki McMahon

“Nicki says, “I’m Nicki aged 33 from Cambridgeshire, I have 2 kids, a 5 year old and 22 months old, I have lost 10kg and dropped 3 dress sizes

I joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges as I wanted to be fitted and healthier and feel more body confident.”

My pledge for 2019

  • “Stay on track and tone up
  • My Advice for anyone who’s thinking about joining the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges
  • Just do it, you won’t regret it.” 

Nicki’s top 3 tips to stay on track

  1. Meal plan
  2. Meal prep
  3. Take photos

Are you ready to kick-start your weight loss?

Our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is a family-friendly, breastfeeding-safe program designed FOR MUMS to help them tackle their health and lose the baby weight. 

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