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10 reasons your kids need their cousins growing up

Family gatherings are an important part of growing up, especially if your kids have cousins similar in age.

Most of us remember hanging out with our cousins at family parties or we may have even been lucky enough to live close by and even go to school, or be in the same class, as a relative.

In fact, cousins play a vital role in a child’s development and social interactions.

Here are 10 reasons why your kids need their cousins….

1. Cousins are your first best friends

Siblings are too – but cousins are like siblings that don’t annoy you as much! Plus, they’re more like a friend as you can have sleepovers at your cousin’s house!

2. You’ll always have someone to hang out with at family gatherings

It’s nice to have someone to hang out with at Great Aunt May’s annual family tea. Family gathering are so much better and less of a chore if your cousins are there when you’re younger.

3. It’s basically like having more siblings

This is great if you are an only child. If you only have a brother, you may have a female cousin or vice versa. It’s like having lots of siblings that you don’t have to share all your toys with all of the time!

4. It’s easier to make plans with cousins

If your parents are going to visit their siblings then it’s easy to make plans for playdates with your cousins.

5. You can share hand-me-downs

If you have a cousin that lives nearby, chances are you’ll have clothes for life!

6. You’ll always have someone to confide in

Kids are always going to complain about their parents, let’s face it. Having a cousin to vent to is always handy, as they will understand more where you’re coming from.

7. You’re connected for life

Like siblings, cousins are family. You share grandparents, aunts, uncles and other cousins. That’s super special.

8. You have more role models

Whether you’re the youngest or the oldest child in your family, chances are there will either be someone older than you or younger than you when you have cousins.

Things, like manners, can be learnt from older cousins. Exposure to more people is always a good thing when it comes to learning social cues.

9. You get to reminisce with cousins

Not many people get to see their friends on Christmas Day, but chances are, you’ll spend it with your cousins. This way, you make so many personal memories that you can look back on later in life.

10. Cousins love each other unconditionally

Friends often come and go as you grow up, but your cousins will be there from birth until adulthood. There may be bickers but they’ll resolve quickly because of those family connections.

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