7 gifts ideas that you can suggest to the kids this Christmas that cost NOTHING!

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year? Sure, a new pair of shoes or a handbag would be great, but truth be told, the things mums often really want don’t come from a shop. And these gifts don’t cost a penny.

Partners, take notes.

7 gifts to get mum this Christmas that cost NOTHING!

Seven Things To Give Mum This Year

Let’s face it, Christmas is all about the kids. And with good reason. Most of us never realised how much we adored Christmas until we had the pleasure of watching our kids on Christmas morning.

The excitement; the laughter; the happiness – it’s reason enough to love the festive season.

But planning the perfect day can be stressful. For every happy moment there are just as many frustrating times searching for the perfect gifts, checking the bank account to ensure you can afford them and perfecting the Christmas menu so that even the fussiest of eaters will be satisfied.

And while the smiles on your kids’ faces are gifts enough, there are a few things that can make Christmas even more perfect for mums. So what do mums want for Christmas? These seven things will do the trick.

1. A Sleep-In

It doesn’t have to be on Christmas Day. Because, let’s face it, that’s impossible. But Boxing Day, how about no one knocks on the door until 8am…?

2. Help Cleaning Up The Gift Wrapping That Litters Household

Everyone, grab a bag. And choose your corner. Because wrapping paper is about to take over the floor and if we don’t all work together Mummy is going to lose her mind and end up throwing away half of the new toys in her wrapping paper-cleaning fury. You’ve been warned.

3. Zero Fights

No complaints about who got more juice in their cup. No cries about who gets the first breakfast pancake. And, for the love of Christmas, no arguments about who got the better gift. For just one day, let’s call it even.

4. Zero chores

Unless you’re planning on a nude Christmas without any food, you’re going to end up with clothes to wash and dishes to do.

Washing, cleaning, dishes, they can all wait. But if, by some Christmas miracle, everyone could pitch in on the normal day-to-day chores, well no mother would dare complain.

5. An Hour To Sit And Do Nothing

Okay, perhaps not nothing. But how about an hour where mum can enjoy a HOT cup of coffee and watch the kids play without the need to referee, make a snack or clean up mess from the floor. An hour to sit down, to watch the kids, and to realise just how lucky you are to have them.

6. For Everyone To Have A Happy Day

Filled with love, laughter and positivity. Because this is what we remember about Christmas. It’s not about who got what, it’s about being together, as a family, and celebrating a day off from normality.

7. Appreciation

Santa may bring the gifts. But mum and dad supply the hot chocolate, the roast meats and the entertainment in between the presents. To end the day with, a “Thank you mummy, this was the best Christmas ever.”

Well… that’s pretty much the greatest gift a mum could ask for, isn’t it?

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