Dads check baby monitors MORE than mums, survey finds

It seems dads check in on their kids more frequently than mums do!

According to a recent survey funded by baby care brand Summer, dads have admitted they find themselves looking at their little cherubs while they sleep on the baby monitor.

Even when the baby isn’t making a peep.

Dads check their baby’s monitor at least once per minute, survey finds

Baby monitors are really useful for helping to keep an eye on your little one without the risk waking them.

But it seems dads are a bit overzealous when it comes to checking in on their kids.

In fact, the survey found that 1 in 3 dads checked their device at least once per minute. That’s a lot!

While only a quarter of mums do so as regularly.

“These results were extremely surprising to us,” said Summer VP Brand Marketing Jen Johnson.

“We talk a lot about screen time, and dads seem to be as glued to their baby monitors as their phones!”

However, the data found that mums are more likely to check the monitor when their baby cries.

While keeping an eye on your child is always a good idea, experts worry that these gadgets may be causing parents more anxiety.

“By continuously monitoring healthy infants, parents will inevitably experience some alarms for conditions that are not life-threatening, including false positive alarms due to motion artefact or other causes, and true positive alarms for events that are not clinically important,” the study authors noted.

“Rather than reassuring parents, these experiences may generate anxiety and a false assumption that their infant is at risk of dying.

“These considerations introduce the prospect that using a monitor could indirectly result in harm to infants and their families.”

Dads, you’re doing a great job. Try not to feel too over anxious and use the quiet time for a much-needed nap yourself!

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