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Study finds parents fulfil AT LEAST 14 different job roles a day!

Feel like you’re a mega multitasker? Us mums wear a series of different hats while looking after our kids.

In fact, a new study has found that parents do around 14 different job roles a day!

Parents fulfil around 14 different job roles a day, study finds

According to a study of 2,000 parents by Curry’s PC World, parents act as a cleaner, teacher, chef, doctor, taxi driver, babysitter etc. on a daily basis.

Mums tend to take on the majority of these roles, while dads are more likely to act as a mechanic, technician or sports coach.

And both parents were found to both act as lawyers and judges (giving punishments) as well as career advisers.

“Multi-tasking is never more important than when you are a parent, as you make sure the children are where they need to be at all times and have done everything they need to do,” says a spokesperson for PC World, which was launching the Google Nest Mini.

“Many parents even have some extra tricks or hacks up their sleeves to allow them to get everything done, like asking their smart home assistants for homework help.

“Parents have to wear lots of different hats – luckily the Google Nest Mini is here to help multi-task without a touch of a button.”

And it seems kids notice all the different jobs their parents do, as one in five kids have called their parents a taxi driver. One in six has referred to their parents as a chef and cleaner.

No wonder we’re all so tired!

New study reveals just how MANY hours mums work each week!

WOMEN AREN’T better at MULTITASKING than men, they just don’t have a choice!

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