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What does 4.5lbs of weight loss really look like? This mum was surprised to find out

When embarking on a lifestyle change that will change the way you see yourself and the food you put in your mouth, it is important to understand and appreciate what a difference even 4.5lbs can make, and what real fat looks like.

This is the realisation one of our mums faced when she lost weight.

4.5lbs of fat – what it actually looks like


Amanda Bennet says, “I will never say ‘I only lost 4 pounds again! Not after holding a replica of what 4.5lbs of fat looks and feels like this morning at my gym. Next time I lose ‘only’ a few pounds of body fat, I’ll be so damn happy, because THIS is what I’ll have lost! It’s huge!” 

Well done, Amanda.  Keep up your amazing work!


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