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Despite battling depression and anxiety, this mum has lost 4.7st and has finally regained her confidence

Mum of three Peggy gained weight after her youngest daughter was born and due to some ill health, found herself at a weight she had never been at before. Along with suffering severe depression, PTSD and anxiety, she saw a photo of herself that she hated.

That photo prompted her to take control back and now two years on, not only has she lost 4.7st, she has gained her confidence back, has more energy and is feeling so much happier.

Peggy shares her inspiring weight loss journey below

Peggy’s motivation to join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

“I got sick after my youngest daughter and due to my health, I gained all the weight I never had before. I had severe depression, PTSD and anxiety. When I finally got my health issues sorted I saw photos of myself I hated. That’s when I decided it was time to lose the weight”

Peggy’s incredible weight loss results 


By following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, Peggy had shred 4.7st and is feeling a million times better than she was two years ago.

I’ve lost 4.7st with The Healthy Mummy. It took me 2 years because of underlying health issues.

I still suffer from depression and anxiety not as bad but I gained my confidence back.

I have a lot more energy to be able to run around with kids and be the happy mum they deserve”.

Peggy’s Healthy Mummy favourites

By meal prepping the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge meals Peggy has embraced the Healthy Mummy lifestyle.

“The Banana Smoothie is my favourite and my favourite snack from the Healthy Mummy App is the Mint Choc Bubble crunch.”

Some of Peggy’s other favourite Healthy Mummy meals include the Mexican Lasagna, Stove Top Lasagna (pictured), and Pizza.


Workouts from the App

Peggy finds the Healthy Mummy App easy to follow and loves the variety of exercise videos. She says “I love all the exercises on the Challenge and that it’s so easy to access so you can do it anywhere with no excuses.

“Dance cardio and dance strong are my favourites as I also do Zumba.”

Peggy’s advice to others wanting to lose weight

“My advice on losing weight is don’t be so strict on yourself and have faith you will get there.

It might take you 12 months or more to get to your goal weight but you will eventually get there…baby steps.”

What has kept Peggy motivated

“I always gave myself one treat day. This was to stop myself indulging on the bad stuff during the week as a treat to myself to sticking to the lifestyle change.

I found if I stuck to it completely I caved every time.”

Great tip Peggy and thank you for sharing your story with us!!!

Are you ready to become a Healthy Mummy like Peggy?

Challenge generic

If you are wanting to lose weight and improve your energy – not to mention – help improve your overall health and wellbeing – our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is an awesome program to check out.

Our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge includes:

  • 28 days of at home exercise routines (no gym needed) – with video instruction
  • Customisable and breastfeeding friendly meal plans (including 7 Day Cleanse)
  • Time-efficient exercises for busy mums – under 30 mins
  • Challenge combines Pilates exercises with interval and circuit training (HIIT)
  • Suitable for basic to advanced fitness levels
  • Home to thousands of EASY-TO-MAKE recipes!

To learn more about our 28 DAY WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE CLICK HERE.


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