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Mums share their ‘Easy’ MEAL PREP for achieving weight loss success

With the kick off of another 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Healthy Mummy mums have been busy in their kitchens getting their meal prep done.

Some mums have chosen to keep it QUICK and EASY by preparing just a few snacks, while others have prepared several meals.

It doesn’t really matter which approach you take to meal prep, having any quantity of healthy meals or snacks on hand will serve you well when it comes to sticking to a healthy eating regime and achieving the weight loss results you desire. Let’s see what our mums have been preparing.

Meal prep can be easy when you know-how. So how about giving it a go?

Follow some of the suggestions below from our Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge mums for keeping it simple.

Louise Cook says “Feeling in control and loving it”

Louise Cook says “Getting it done!

Got us some sweet snacks for the week ahead!

As I’m home for the first half of the week I like to portion and prep most parts of the mains today (weigh & cut chicken etc ) and cook fresh each night, and then do a “mini cookup” on Wednesday to get me through the last half.

Today I smashed out:

  • 12 x Cookie Dough Balls Get the free recipe
  • 15 x Homemade Sesame Slice
  • 12 x 5 ingredient Lemon Chia Cookies  
  • 4 x San Choy Bao Get the free recipe
  • Sliced veggie sticks
  • Cut Chicken for burgers/nuggets later in the week

Feeling in control and loving it!”.

Jinjamarda Blue says”Super simple meal prep today!

Short on time? Take Jinjamarda’s simplified approach to her meal prep.

Jinjamarda Blue says”Super simple meal prep today!!

  • Eggs boiled for my snacks
  • Zucchini prepped for my smoothies
  • Cookie dough bliss balls for my dessert Get the free recipe
  • Veggie sticks chopped for my snacks
  • Vanilla and Peanut Butter cookies for the boys to share
  • Choc mint bubble crunch for them to fight over  
  • Salad ready for dinner

On a roll today! I’ve moved my body, smashed my prep, washing and cleaning is done and I’m ready to take on week one of the 28 Day Challenge!”.

*All recipes available to 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge members

Kerrie O’Brien “I kept to tried and tested recipes to make my life easier”

Kerrie says “Thanks to bits done here and there throughout the day it wasn’t too stressful.

We have an insanely crazy busy week coming up this week and are going away next weekend too so I have to be super organised or it’s going to be hard to stay on track. I kept to mostly tried and tested recipes to make my life easier. This is what made :

16 x No Bake Muesli Bars
16 x Raw Peanut Butter Bars 
16 x Apple Almond Date Balls
6 x Oat Biscuits
2 x Beetroot Mint Cashew Dip
1 x Vanilla Chia Pudding
3 x serves cooked Quinoa
2 x serves cooked Veggie Quinoa Pasta

10 healthy bliss ball recipes HERE.

2 x containers chopped celery in water
1 x container chopped carrot sticks in water
1 x container washed baby cucumbers
4 x serves cooked sweetcorn
2 x serves cooked green beans
7 x serves weighed 50g snacking tomatoes
2 x serves Quinoa Crackers
9 x serves Brown Rice Crackers 25 g weighed
2 x serves Vitaweet Crackers ( 5 Crackers)
3 x hard boiled eggs
4 x large chicken tenderloins cooked
7 x assorted smoothie powder & oat containers

Apart from the Beetroot Dip & Oat Biscuits which I made on Friday, everything else was done throughout the day today. I also made double serves of some of my sweet snacks so I can freeze to take away with us next weekend.

This looks like a lot but it really wasn’t too bad. Lots of simple things added together.

I actually even managed a 1/2 hour rest on the bed, a 90 minute walk and a movie night with the family tonight so a way better than usual Sunday for me! I do have to say my husband and kids did some of my dishes as well to help out, as I did make a bit of a mess”.

Kimberley Calvert “It’s as easy or complicated as you make it

Kimberley says “Meal prep for success!

It’s as easy or as complicated as you make it I believe.

Within 60 mins (interrupted with kids!) I prepped:

8 x dry ingredients for fibre full smoothie
1 x choc chip banana bread with miss 5
1 x batch “nutella” bliss balls (A MUST TRY.. DIVINE!) Get the free recipe
1 x low carb lasagne for dinner….whilst prepping cut up extra zucchini for smoothies to freeze and used leftover ricotta to make a snickers moose for dessert
And cut chicken up and got marinating in ginger for tomorrow nights ginger chicken stirfry”

Kate Grimmell “Prepping for success”

Kate says “Prepping for success. I prepped my breakfast and my morning snacks for the week (evening snack is coming from my freezer stash).

Prepping on Sunday makes me feel very ready to take on the week and eliminates my desire to grab something quick and full of processed junk”.

Bec Dunn “Being the school holidays I made lots of snacks”

Bec says “Since I had 18 frozen dinners already prepared in my freezer I ended up changing things up a bit. I only made two main meals and being the school holidays, I made lots of snacks!

I made a double batch of Pumpkin & Feta Tart, Cheesy Chicken Meatloaf as my mains.

2 x batches Hidden Veggie Sausage Rolls Get the free recipe

2 x batches Jam Drops

2 x batches of Cookie Dough Bliss Balls Get the free recipe

Homemade Honeycomb – a new recipe out of The New Healthy Mummy Magazine. Can’t wait for this tomorrow”.

Jana Coleman “It took me 2 hours including clean up”

Jana says “My little meal prep effort for today. All of this is mainly for when we go away next week.

I also did a stocktake of my fridge and freezer where I took everything out counted it so I knew what we had and then put back.

I only have a single fridge/ freezer so I can’t do huge amounts of meal prep.

From what I already have I will do a blank meal plan for this week so I don’t have to shop much and eat what we’ve already got.

Today I prepped the following

  • Healthy Mummy choc caramel protein balls x 24
  • Choc Weetbix balls Get the free recipe
  • Apricot and oat balls
  • Cinnamon and nut granola x 12 serves
  • Trail mix
  • Roast chicken for dinner ( slow cooked for 8 ours and browned in the oven for 30 minutes) more for lunches too
  • Extra roast pumpkin and potato for salads
  • Double choc honey maple loaf (over cooked so had to go in the bin)”.

Wow! The Healthy Mummy team would like to thank these AMAZING mums from our Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge community for sharing their meal prep sessions with us and showing us that meal prep can be EASY and QUICK!

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