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PREGNANT women are turning their toilet seats BLUE – and this may be the cause

Pregnant mums are turning their toilet seats a hue of blue, but there may be an explanation for this. Say what?!!!!

Yep, you heard us right!

Why pregnant women are turning their toilet seats BLUE

A little known symptom of pregnancy is the ability to turn toilet seats blue – apparently!

We all know pregnancy does some seriously strange things to us, but we didn’t realise that it can also cause things to change colour!

After a number of mums-to-be admitted they were turning their toilet seats blue on Reddit, people have been scratching their heads, wondering why this phenomenon is happening.

One mum wrote on Reddit: “Has anyone here turned their toilet seat blue? I just realised last night that our toilet seat is now a lovely blue/purple hue.

“After some googling, apparently, this is something that happens to pregnant women? Please tell me I’m not alone in this!”

Another replied: “I thought it was just me! I thought it was because of my maternity jeans, but maybe not?”

According to the Metro, there’s a logical reason. The change is down to something called chromhidrosis a.k.a. the changes in sweat your body produces when you are expecting.

Sweat can react with certain materials, such as toilet seats, which is what is causing the colour to change.

Angela Ballard, a Registered Nurse with the International Hyperhidrosis Society told the publication: “Chromhidrosis is a disorder of the sweat glands that usually manifests with coloured sweat on the face, in the underarms, or on the areola of the breasts (the darker circle of skin around the nipples).

“Sweat may be yellow, green, blue, brown, or black. The colours are due to a pigment produced in the sweat glands called lipofuscin.

“Lipofuscin is common in human cells, but for some reason people with chromhidrosis have higher concentrations of lipofuscin or lipofuscin that is in a higher-than-normal state of oxidation.”

So there you have it. If you’re turning your toilet seats blue, there’s no need to panic.

But if you are concerned or have noticed you are leaving a blue trail behind you, we advise you speak with your doctor ASAP.

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