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Nike introduces plus size mannequins and our mums love it!!!

How awesome is it that huge sportswear brand Nike has introduced plus-size mannequins, to its flagship London store! The re-developed women’s floor now celebrates inclusivity as well as diversity.

This is wonderful news for the mummies from our recent Global Health Survey who are lacking body love and self-esteem. The findings taken from 5000 Healthy Mummies globally uncovered that 97% of mums feel good about seeing a range of mums with different body shapes in the media, and this is certainly a step in the right direction.

Source: Nike

The Healthy Mummy community thinks this move is awesome!

Healthy Mummy Lauren Kolstad says “ I love that Nike is showing all bodies in-store. I am a size 16 running, boxing, and weightlifting mumma. I need workout clothes just the same as any other size and I want to feel comfortable shopping in a store that I know will actually cater for my size. Exercise and healthy doesn’t mean generic sizing. Check my blood pressure/ cholesterol – I’m in fab health. I can run 5km. I can deadlift 120kg”.

She goes on “My clothing size and weight on the scales is no better indication of my health than someone with poor health in a smaller body.”

Nike follows suit with retailers including Old Navy and Nordstrom, as well as UK department store Debenhams. We can only hope that this diverse and accurate representation gains further momentum and takes hold globally!

Finally a mannequin I can stand next to and not feel less about myself ! says Zena Mason

Zena says “Here’s to finally getting some more active wear that fits and stays up, so far only Healthy Mummy tights have hit my mark! Thanks for showing the mannequin in a crop top – what a hugely powerful message I’ve been sent.”


Source: Nike

Nike opened the new display in their London store on the 5th June. The Vice President for women said in a statement “With the incredible momentum in women’s sport right now, the redesigned space is just another demonstration of Nike’s commitment to inspiring and serving the female athlete.”

Public figure and influencer Grace Victory who formed a long-term collaboration with Nike in 2018, posted on Instagram that in sharing the campaign content she’d pay close attention to the connection between exercise, mental health and body image. She wrote on Twitter that she was “SO proud & looking forward to sharing a different narrative to exercise”.

Healthy Mummy Amy Atkinson says “Being a size 16 myself I find it fantastic that a sporting company has introduced plus size mannequins.”

Amy 56kg

That does not mean I am unfit, lazy and unhealthy. Would I be able to hike up to the top of a high mountain if I was unfit? Or do boxing sessions 5 times a week if I was lazy? No! Just because you are a size 16 does not make you unhealthy. We all have to start somewhere and whether or not that’s a size 10, 16 or 26 it does not matter.”

Here at the Healthy Mummy we couldn’t agree more. Its high time that the media represent all women and so Nike we applaud you!

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