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Mum makes 50 FREEZABLE and HEALTHY meals for UNDER £55!

Wow wow wow! Kaitie Purssell is back in the kitchen impressing us with her INCREDIBLE meal prep!

This time the mum-of-two has made 50 freezable meals from the  28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and it cost her under £55– that works out at just over £1 per serving!

“All of these meals freeze and reheat well,” says Kaitie.


What Kaitie made:

10x Slow Cooked Pork Curry (pictured above)

A delicious and easy to prepare slow cooking recipe. Mix and match vegetables to suit what you have on hand.

This recipe is 411 calories and can be found on the  28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub.

13x Mexican Lasagne


This healthy and delicious version of a Mexican Style Lasagne is ideal when following the  28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

This is a great recipe for a dinner party – and your guests don’t need to know it’s healthy! Plus, it’s only 575 calories per serve.

Get this recipe here

8x Tuscan Chicken Stew


A dish full of flavour that is packed with a good serving of vegetables and healthy protein.

This recipe is only 307 calories per serve and is available for Challenge members who are on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

4x Chicken Fried Rice


A simple version of fried rice, packed with protein. Fried rice works really well with leftover pre-cooked rice too.

This meal is 489 calories per serve and can be found on the the  28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub.

3x Chicken & Chorizo Enchildas


Looking for a recipe that you just know the whole family will love? These Healthy Chicken & Chorizo Enchiladas are ideal.

At only 260 calories per serve, these enchiladas from the  28 Day Weight Loss Challenge are perfect if you’re trying to lose weight!

8x Beef & Sweet Potato Stew

This recipe makes 4 serves of delicious, hearty beef stew so you can serve the whole family or freeze in individual portions to enjoy for dinner another day when you’re short on time.

This recipe is 309 calories per serve and can also be found on the  28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub.

4x Chilli Con Carne


Chilli con carne is a healthy eating option on a budget which is great for the WHOLE family. It only takes 10 minutes to make and you can eat it burrito style, on rice (brown) or with some salad and some tostadas.

This recipe is 392 calories per serve and can be found in the recipe hub for the  28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Kaitie also made 10 side salads to go with the dinners that she will keep in the fridge.

“I know this type of bulk meal pre can make people overwhelmed, and I can see why. But truly it’s not hard and I recommend those who want to meal prep to start small,” says Kaitie.

“Cook double or triple serves of dinner each night and start building a freezer stash, even on days you are home throw something in the cooker just to portion up and freeze. It takes no time and it basically looks after itself!”


Kaitie’s 6 top tips for freezing / heating meals:

1. Make sure all meals have cooled before storing

I refrigerate all of my meals for a few hours before I freeze them.

2. Label food if you’re going to freeze it

Always label and date all containers so you know what is in each tub in the freezer! Be sure to rotate if you are adding extras to the freezer regularly.

3. When reheating make sure it’s defrosted thoroughly

When reheating make sure your food is defrosted properly and reheated in the microwave, oven or saucepan until its BOILING HOT.

4. Use the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App for inspiration


When doing bulk prep, I use the  28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App and change the weekly meal plan to all the leftover options. I then add what I wish to make and the serves. That way no matter what I’m cooking, the App writes my shopping list for me.

5. Use seasonal veggies

I mix up my vegetables in my dishes, depending on the prices and what’s in season (it’s usually cheaper).

6. Choose freezer-friendly meals

I find most mince dishes, slow cooked meals and stews freeze the best. I love having meal prep ready to go, as it makes my life SO MUCH easier. Less dishes, more time with the kids and more time for me to squeeze in my 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge exercises!

Kaitie’s 3.4st weight loss story

weight loss

Kaitie credits her incredibly quick slim down to the  28 Day Weight Loss Challenge which have now helped her to maintain her weight loss.

Kaitie says, The Healthy Mummy has changed my views 110%! I love healthy food, I know what is in almost everything I eat, I save money and, believe it or not, in most cases, time by using the Healthy Mummy Meal Plans and cooking most things from scratch.”

But Kaitie admits that her downfall was her diet. “For me, food has 90% contributed to my weight loss. I love food, I always have but I’m very slowly starting to love me too.”


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