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15 Things No One Tells You About Giving Birth

Giving birth is different for everyone. Some have quick and easy births, others have long and complicated births. Some are low on the pain threshold and some are high. You will rarely hear the same story twice.

Every birth is different. Every person is different and how everyone prepares is different too. But what we do know is no matter what kind of birth you have – the overwhelming feeling you will have is LOVE and excitement about your new baby.


15 things you may not have read in the birthing books about the actual birth

1. Forget about privacy

EVERYONE wants to have a look down yonder, and often with a group of interns in tow – but don’t worry, when it all starts happening, you won’t care as you will be too excited about the impending arrival of your newborn

2. It’s usually not as fast as you see in movies

In fact you’ll spend a lot of time walking around, watching TV and asking your husband to find you something to drink – but bear in mind it can sometimes happen in lightening speed so be prepared for anything!

3. Your waters don’t always break

Often that will have to be done for you and it’s not like a flood it’s more like a steady flow.

4. You spend a lot of time hooked up to monitors checking baby’s heartbeat

But that doesn’t mean you are bedridden, if you want to move about or go to the loo just ask.

5. You’re left on your own a lot

Quite often you are left to your own devices for a long time, often you’ll send out your birthing partner to get someone to check how dilated you are.

15 things no one tells you about giving birth

6. There’s only a small window of opportunity when you can actually have an epidural

So make sure you have told your midwife and doctor if this is path you want to go down.

7. Forget about the music

The fabulous playlist you had prepared goes out the window as soon as things get serious, either that or you are in too much pain to actually hear it.

8. Poo will probably be present

You will most likely have a bowel movement during birth but no one will tell you because it happens to everyone and it’s just whisked away along with the other entire gunk and it really is no big deal so don’t stress.

9. Don’t stress about tearing

If you tear or are cut down below, you will be quickly stitched up with dissolvable stitches and although it will be sore for a few days – you will heal quickly.

10. The laughing gas on offer doesn’t make you laugh

While it can help a little bit with pain, when contractions are 60 seconds it doesn’t make a huge difference – but it does help you regulate your breathing.

11. You’re allowed to stay in the shower for as long as you like

And it really helps, so does sitting on a birth ball while you’re in there.

12. You can actually suck back that gas while in the shower

Just ask your midwife nicely and see if they have a long enough tube.

13. You may be able to see your baby crowning

They will sometimes offer you a handheld mirror to use when baby is crowning so you can see yourself giving birth, do it, it’s unreal!

14. The ring of fire is real!

Just before baby comes out there is an almighty sting and burning sensation. It doesn’t last for long but it’s a ring of fire alright.

Midwife reveals why it’s okay for you to poo during labour!

15. People will give you a lot of instructions

At one stage someone will tell you off for pushing too hard, for not pushing or for breathing wrong. Don’t get mad they are just doing their job!

The best part of all is that everything will be forgotten almost instantly once your little bundle is placed in your arms.

And remember – giving birth is a life changing experience – make sure you have discussed all your questions with your doctor or midwife so that you can look forward to the day that you bring your newborn into the world.

And remember that MILLIONS of women have given birth before you and millions will do so after you – and don’t be scared by the event.

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