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4 tips to stop you from falling off the weight loss wagon this Easter

Easter is just around the corner,  and with it comes chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and a sugar filled long weekend.

However, just because you’re having a fun, family break over Easter, doesn’t mean it’s time to put your feet up and forget about your health goals.

Of course you can relax, take a break and spend time with the kids, but try to include some fun activities that will get you all moving!


Don’t fall off the health wagon this Easter with these tips

1.Keep up your routine:

If you have regular exercise planned, then continue with your plans over Easter. Still attend your gym session, complete your fave 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge workout video, meet up with your personal trainer or complete your at-home exercise routines. Getting your exercise in before you are preparing a family lunch will give you loads of energy for the day ahead.

2.Don’t let the kids have all the fun:

Opportunities for incidental exercise are in abundance during holidays like Easter, so get out there and play, swim, bike ride, slip ’n’ slide. Finding ways to have fun while exercising is key to keeping motivation levels high.

3.Don’t plan too much:

You don’t have to say “yes” to every Easter event you are invited to. Keeping your schedule to a minimum will help you reduce your stress and give you more time for more important things – like time with your family.

4.Don’t lose sight of the big picture:

Even if you do end up indulging a little more than you usually would over Easter and possibly feeling as if you’re in a chocolate egg coma, don’t lose sight of your goals and don’t forget how far you’ve come. Bumps in the road are to be expected but don’t let them knock you completely off course.

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