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6 adorable DIY Halloween costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, and while it’s still an American holiday, those of us with small children find it harder and harder to avoid.

So we’ve found 6 adorable, non-scary DIY Halloween costumes for little ones, that are SUPER EASY to make.

6 Adorable DIY Halloween Costumes

6 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Being a mum is tough. We are masters of multitasking! However, when an unexpected, last minute Halloween invitation drops through our mailbox, it’s easy to get into a panic.

No costume? No fear!

These 6 DIY Halloween costumes are CUTE, FUN and SIMPLE TO MAKE and are made mostly with things you already own! What’s more, none of these are spooky, making them perfect choice for toddlers and preschoolers. No nightmares to worry about, and they can be worn well past Halloween.

1. The Granny (see above)

What’s more hilarious than seeing a child dressed up as a grandparent?  It’s that juxtaposition of the young and the old that is guaranteed to make us smile. And best of all, this costume it requires only a few basic items and minimal crafting ability.


Child’s clothes – preferably a colourful dress, cardigan, and shoes.

Accessories – Mum’s pearl necklace, chunky bangles, small handbag, reading glasses with beaded chain.

For the hat – shower cap/swimming cap/beanie, large cotton wool balls and glue.


  1. Dress your little princess in a colorful dress and cardigan.
  2. Glue cotton wool balls to a cap or beanie. If this is too much effort, simple place a grey wig or shower cap/hair net on child with a clip.
  3. Put on some glasses with beaded chain.

Instant cuteness! Prepare for plenty of oohs and aahs from passers by.  Time to snap away and save those photos for their 21st birthday party!

Alternative option – Clip a ball of wool and pair of knitting needles to their outfit. And if you are really crafty, create a walker out of plumbing tubes.

2. Scuba Diver

scuba diver halloween costume


2 x soft drink bottles, 1 can spray paint, black and silver duct tape, glue gun, elastic or string for shoulder straps, snorkel, goggles, hair rollers, black pants and top, black felt. For babies some silver foam tubing can be attached to the dummy.


  1. Remove labels from soft drink bottles and then spray paint bottles.
  2. Once bottles are dry put black and silver tape around them (see above). Attach bottles together with glue gun or tape.
  3. Glue on some elastic or string for shoulder straps.
  4. Cut out black felt in the shape of 2 flippers and attach to top of child’s shoe or slip on foot before shoe goes on.
  5. Dress child in black clothes, put tanks on back and snorkel on head.

Optional: attach some cut out fish onto costume.

3. The Artist

the artist halloween costume


black beret, plain black clothes or white apron and colorful socks, thick cardboard, yarn or string, poster paints, ribbon, paintbrush, eyeliner.


  1. Dress your child in all black clothing and a beret, or regular clothes, striped socks and a beret.
  2. Use eyeliner to draw a curly moustache onto face.
  3. Cut out the shape of an artist’s palette from heavy cardboard. Cut two small holes in the top, and thread black yarn through them to hang around your child’s neck.
  4. Paint the artist palette with large blobs of colored paint.
  5. Give child large paint brush to hold or tape it onto the palette.

4. Kissing Booth

This costume is super cute, inexpensive and quick to make. You may find you have everything you need to create this one, already in your home.

kissing booth last minute diy halloween costume


white shirt, jeans, shoes, bow tie, cardboard box, red paint or card, black pen, red lipstick, stapler or masking tape, red card or ribbon.


  1. Dress your little guy in his jeans and a white shirt and Dad’s bow tie.
  2. Cut out a cardboard box so you can fit your son’s body through it. Paint the box red or cover with red card and write ‘Kisses’ and the price on the front.
  3. Staple or tape some ribbon or cardboard strips inside the box to make the braces.
  4. And lastly. (Not that you will need any encouragement). Cover your son in kisses with your bright red lipstick.

5. The Garden Gnome

gnome halloween costume


solid coloured t-shirt and jeans, welly boots, red felt for hat, white felt for beard and brown and black felt for belt, elastic, and glue gun. Basket with plants or fruit.


  1. Dress your little guy in his jeans, coloured shirt and wellies (or onesie if a baby).
  2. Cut the felt to make a hat. Your hat cut out should look like a triangle with a rounded bottom. Measure the circumference of your child’s head. If it is 20″ cut fabric 21″ wide to allow for a seam.
  3. Fold the felt triangle in half, and glue, sew or staple the edges together and turn inside out.
  4. Cut one long strip of brown felt for a belt and a square for the buckle. Glue together.
  5. Cut out a beard shape and attach some elastic.
  6. Dress child in outfit and accessorise as you like.

6. Crazy Cat Lady

crazy cat lady halloween costume


pyjamas, slippers and robe, hair curlers, lots of Beenie babies or stuffed cat toys, safety pins.


  1. Attach numerous cat toys to your child’s robe with safety pins.
  2. Dress your child in pyjamas, slippers and robe.
  3. Put rollers in your child’s hair and some spectacles.

Presto! Crazy Cat Lady in minutes. I dare you not to smile at this one.

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