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Men who will become dads in 2018, according to statistics

Will your brother, bestie or partner become a dad next year?

As far as we’re aware, there’s no definite way to predict the future. But new research claims to have found a way to work out which names are more likely to become dads in 2018!

Check out what they’ve found below…


Men who will become dads in 2018

Research compiled by OK! Magazine looked at the National Office of Statistics in the U.K. and it was found that the average man becomes a first-time dad at the age of around 33.2 years old.

Men who were born in 1985 will be turning 33 next year, and the correlation comes between this age group of men and the most popular names of those born that year.


Here is the list of men most likely to become dads in 2018

1. Christopher

2. James

3. David

4. Daniel

5. Michael

6. Matthew

7. Richard

8. Paul

9. Mark

10. Thomas

11. Adam

12. Robert

13. John

14. Lee

15. Benjamin

16. Steven

17. Jonathan

18. Craig

19. Stephen

Interesting stuff! I guess all we can do is wait and see what happens next year.



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