‘Sleep Divorce’ may help strengthen your relationship

It’s often hard enough to fall asleep on your own at night, let alone when you’re having to listen to your partner’s snoring – but is it a case of the couple who sleeps together, stays together?

Not according to researchers at the Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, who found that as many as 40 per cent of couples will sleep in different beds at some point in their marriages.

‘Sleep Divorce’ May Help Strengthen Your Relationship

It’s a finding that a YouGov poll of 2,000 UK couples echoed with one in seven British couples saying they’d prefer to sleep solo.

can't sleep, won't sleep

 ‘Sleep divorce’ is a thing

According to the study author, Colleen Carney, the phenomenon is also referred to as ‘sleep divorce.’ Colleen says there are usually 12 reasons why couples decided to not co-sleep:

  1. Their partner snores
  2. Because of a new baby
  3. Tossing around too much in bed by either party
  4. Restlessness during pregnancy
  5. Past, unforgiven offences
  6. Unresolved arguments
  7. They’re filing for divorce but still living together
  8. They don’t have a sex life
  9. One party stays up late to watch TV
  10. They prefer to snuggle up with family pet, such as the dog
  11. One person wants to leave the light on
  12. Having to get up early in the morning

Hmm. So what are your thoughts? Is ‘sleep divorce’ the key to a happy marriage?

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