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Meet the UK’s Healthy Mummy BODY CONFIDENCE Mums!!!!

As part of World Healthy Mummy Month, these 6 lucky mums have won the chance to take part in an EPIC ‘BODY CONFIDENCE’ photo shoot in London and a day of pampering and celebration!!

This is part of a Global Tour with Healthy Mummy founder Rhian Allan, with photo shoots also happening in Sydney and New York.

The Healthy Mummy loves to celebrate BODY CONFIDENCE by empowering mums of all shapes, sizes and ages. These 6 amazing UK Mums have all had their lives transformed by living a Healthy Mummy lifestyle and are rocking body confidence!  They are set to sizzle with a MAKEOVER at the London Photoshoot. Between them, they have lost a whopping 17.9 stone!

Read their amazing stories below!

Tracey Bently has lost over 3 stone and has gone from a size 18 to Size 10

Single mum of two, Tracey from Poole in Dorset is the lightest, fittest and healthiest she’s been for over 12 years.

Tracey says “The first picture was taken on a great night out and I felt really good until I saw the picture the next day. I felt awful… I always thought because I was tall I could get away with being heavier but then it just kept piling on. Healthy Mummy has helped me so much that I can’t even put it into words”.

Tracey truly believes that at 41 she is the healthiest and the most body confident she has been in a very long time.

Before I joined I just thought my body would always be this shape. I was getting older and my body was just falling apart. But with the help of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and the awesome support from the Healthy Mummy Facebook group, I wouldn’t be here now, at a lighter weight than pre-pregnancy over 12 years ago and feeling healthier than I ever have.

“It’s still mind boggling how eating such great delicious food can help you lose weight but it does actually work”

It’s not just Tracey who has benefitted from following the Healthy Mummy lifestyle, her two kids love it too!

They are both so on-board for helping me become a healthier happier mum and love the new recipes we have found so far. It’s great my kids are wanting to try new recipes. The Healthy Mummy has helped to make my son more aware of his own health. He’s only 11 and still carrying his ‘puppyfat’ but he has the physique of a rugby player. My daughter is using the recipe hub to help her with her GCSE food tech lessons!”

Talking about the BODY CONFIDENCE photo shoot she says, “I’m really excited to meet the other mums and to meet Rhian, she really has become a hero of mine. I couldn’t be where I am without her and her willingness to help other mums feel better about themselves and get healthy.”

Hellevi Walker has lost 2.6 stone and is the fittest and healthiest she’s ever been

Busy mum of two from Perthshire Scotland joined the Healthy Mummy in May and so far she has lost 2.6 Stone. She says “Before having kids my weight would fluctuate like the stock market. Now after two kids and thanks to The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges I’d say I’m probably the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever been in my whole adult life.”

Hellevi joined The Healthy Mummy in May 2018 a few weeks after she’d had her second baby.

I was the heaviest I’d ever been and deeply unhappy about the way I looked. I wanted to lose weight but really had no idea where to start. The beginning of my Healthy Mummy journey was slightly overwhelming, but thanks to the amazing Healthy Mummy Facebook support group and the fact there were so many ordinary mums like me achieving amazing results, my faith in myself grew and negative thoughts turned positive”.

“Thanks to The Healthy Mummy I have found balance in my life and have become the person I always wanted to be.”

Hellevi thinks transforming her life with The Healthy Mummy has not only changed her physically but mentally and physically too.

I feel stronger mentally and physically and good about myself and my life. I went from hiding away to saying yes to all sorts of new experiences and opportunities. Thank God I came across Healthy Mummy instead or I would have missed out on the amazing journey I’ve been on for the last 9 months”

Hellevi says “After having had 2 kids my dress fits even better than it did on my wedding day!”

Becki Drewett has lost over 3 stone and is no longer sitting on the sidelines!

Mum of three Becki from Gloucestershire is loving her new life and new found energy since finding the Healthy Mummy.

She says “I love my Healthy Mummy journey. It’s become part of my everyday life now. My whole family are on board, my husband has even got the exercise bug too.

Becki started with the Healthy Mummy just after having twins and already has a toddler in tow. The multiple pregnancies took its toll on her body. “I had zero energy and exercise was the last thing on my mind,  I would even think twice about going up the stairs. My body shape had changed after the twins and all I wanted to do was cover it up with the biggest clothes I could find. The Healthy Mummy has changed all that, my energy has tripled and I’m now confident enough to start enjoying fun activities with my family again rather than sitting on the sidelines.”

Becki’s lifestyle has completely changed since finding The Healthy Mummy. “I’m running, trying to work out and walking long distances with my family and look forward to being active. I’m so looking forward to the next stage of Healthy Mummy for me and fine tuning my exercise goals”

“Trying to be the best mum I can keeps me motivated, I figure to be healthy it’s now or never.”

Becki says “My biggest None Scale Victory to date I COMPLETED a 10K ALONE ! I’ve gone from not wanting to get off the sofa and feeling exhausted to running 10k.”

Alexandra Forrest is now rocking a size 10 and has learned to love her body again

Alexandra, aged 28, is a busy mum from West Yorkshire and has lost over 2.5 stone since January following the Healthy Mummy 28 day Weight Loss Challenges!

She says “I have two little monkeys, I’m still breastfeeding my youngest who is eight months and my other one is nearly three years old. I was really not happy with the way I looked and I refused to buy size 16 clothes and nothing fitted me anymore. Now I’m a size 10!

Alexandra says joining The Healthy Mummy almost instantly changed her mindset towards food and her body “I’ve learned to love my body again’.

I exercise regularly and even on my rest days I’m so full of energy I always squeeze in some squats and lunges!! It helped me to fall in love with running which I never thought would happen. It’s changed my mindset, my relationship with food and my mentality towards exercising. I don’t even feel like I’m making an effort anymore to “stay of track”

“I’ve loved every minute of my Healthy Mummy Journey.”

“I’ll honestly be forever grateful to Healthy Mummy just for giving me the guidance and help I needed to succeed in healthy living. I feel great in my body already even though I still have another half a stone or so to lose”.

Laura Linklater has lost 4 stone and is now training to be a firefighter!!

Laura 34 from Otley, is a busy working mum of 3 with kids aged 4, 2 and 1. She has lost 4 stone following the Healthy Mummy and gone from maternity size 14/16 to an 8-10.

Laura says “I had 3 babies in under 3 and a half years. My body was so broken I didn’t even recognise it by the time baby number 3 was born. I struggled to feed myself, let alone the family, I had no energy and existed on biscuits and white carbs.

Without her realising it, Laura’s weight had crept up to 13 stone. “I’ve been just under 9 stone my entire adolescence and adult life until having babies and whilst I’d never change having my gorgeous children, I didn’t feel or look like ‘me’ anymore.”

Laura stumbled across The Healthy Mummy on Facebook and decided to give it a go by following a few recipes and postnatal videos. Now she follows all the meal plans and does 2 – 3 videos on the App a day.

I’m now 9 stone 3 and training to be a firefighter! I’m the fittest I’ve ever been and I’ve taken up running. The wonderful Facebook Healthy Mummy group encouraged me to do the Couch to 5k course.

“I’ve just done my first 5k and I’m now active, fit and healthy”

I am very very thankful that The Healthy Mummy came into my life when it did. It’s not punitive, I’ve never felt shamed – even at my biggest – in fact, I feel like an empowered strong woman. And I feel that the Facebook group helps me to give back and pay it forward to inspire more women. The Healthy Mummy is about a lifestyle of strength, self-respect, self-love, and becoming healthy through empowering lifestyle choices. It’s an antidote to the toxic narrative around women’s bodies, especially post-baby bodies. And I am proud to be a lifetime member of The Healthy Mummy” 

Laura can’t wait to get to London for the Body Confidence photo shoot! “I am ridiculously excited about the photo shoot and meeting everyone from the supportive Facebook group. It’s pretty out of my comfort zone, but The Healthy Mummy has given me the confidence to try new things.”

After losing 2.5 stone Nashara Campbell has totally changed her outlook on life

Nashara, aged 32, is a proud mum of four kids, ages 12, 9 ,2 and 10 months old. Originally from sunny Jamaica, then Florida, and now residing in Essex,  she has lost 2.5 stones with The Healthy Mummy.

She says “Since starting The Healthy Mummy it has changed my outlook on life, to me it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. I started doing Healthy Mummy at first because I was at the lowest point in my life…my confidence was non-existent and my weight was skyrocketing. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror without a feeling of disgust and failure. Since starting Healthy Mummy I am more confident and I’m learning to love the skin I am in.”

Nashara has been following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and finds it super easy to follow. “I am now eating healthier and I love to exercise because it makes me feel good and I’m ready to tackle any day. I was a member of a gym but I no longer had any use for it because I was unable to find the time to attend with 2 young kids under 3 years. Instead, I can use the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Challenge App for as little a 5 minutes and even longer if I have extra time.

“Real mums… real results I just love it. The support from the Mums from the Healthy Mummy group has been amazing.”

Nashara tells us “I’m so excited about the Body Confidence shoot, I can’t wait to meet Rhian and the other real healthy mummies.

We want to congratulate all these Mums and CAN’T WAIT to see the amazing pictures of the London Body Confidence Photoshoot!!!

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