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“My only regret is not finding The Healthy Mummy sooner,” says mum who’s transformed her life

Sascha Farley had no idea that the Healthy Mummy would transform nearly every aspect of her life when she signed up to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge four years ago. Not only did she lose 5.4st just over a year, but her new lifestyle affected her mindset, her focus, her health, fitness and in turn, that of her family.

My whole family benefits and we all love it. I’ve finally found a lifestyle and balance that suits us all!”

Now pregnant with baby number four, Sascha is appearing in the New Real Mums Workouts in the Healthy Mummy App, inspiring other pregnant ladies, to move their body safely and enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

Find out more about the workouts and Sascha’s Weight Loss story below

Sascha’s Incredible Weight Loss Journey

Sascha found the Healthy Mummy four weeks after her second baby was born via Cesarean Section. Determined to lose her baby weight safely, she opted for the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge where she could manage and meal prep family meals.

Sascha says “I had always gone for quick fixes, fad diets, low-calorie options and I had always fluctuated massively as I could never find a balance or a lifestyle – that’s why The Healthy Mummy was so appealing, it was a realistic approach and I didn’t have to starve myself. I started by doing the Challenges, budget, customise and meal prep. I did no exercise for 5 months, just the food and lost 3.9st. Then I started exercising which took the weight loss up a notch.

After losing 5.4st and overhauling her lifestyle, Sascha was soon pregnant again with baby number three.

My first Healthy Mummy pregnancy was SO much easier having over 4,000 recipes on the app to scroll through. I gained 2.4st less than the pregnancy before, was a lot more healthy and more active throughout the entire pregnancy and lost the 3.1st enjoyably post-birth with the Healthy Mummy app and Healthy Mummy smoothies.”

sascha farley pregnancy

“Feeling In Control”

Sascha admits to feeling so much more control in her life since living The Healthy Mummy lifestyle and now as she enjoys her fourth pregnancy, Sascha is keen to help and inspire other mums and mums to be, to stay healthy and active.

When I’m not pregnant I push to move my body a minimum 3 times a week doing proper workouts in the app, then I also like to walk”

“Being pregnant I really do listen to my body as much as possible. It’s been amazing having the opportunity to do these pregnancy workouts! They’re amazing.”

There’s no doubt that living The Healthy Mummy lifestyle for the past 4 years, along with two pregnancies has had a massive impact on Sascha’s life.

The Healthy Mummy has opened up so many opportunities for me because of the fulfilled, confident person I have become! I am now working full time with 3 kids in tow and I am more driven than ever. Being surrounded by empowered women each day is so rewarding and ensures I keep at my goals in every aspect of life.”

“We moved house when our third was born, but any disturbance in routine doesn’t throw us too much as we have changed all our habits and mindset. The whole family now loves cooking and being involved in meal prep and planning!”The 

Sascha and family May 2019

“Feeling Empowered”

“The most empowering thing the Healthy Mummy lifestyle has brought to our family is TRUST. Trusting ourselves that we can easily make the best health choices from the education The Healthy Mummy have given us and continue to provide.”

Prenatal Pregnancy Workouts for Second Trimester with Sascha

Sascha is joining our amazing Fitness Trainer Wendy in 10 pregnancy workouts ideal for the second trimester, although they can be used by pregnant women in the late first trimester if approved by a health professional and up to the early third trimester as long as you’re feeling fit and healthy and the bump is not too large to continue some moves.

These prenatal workouts for any fitness level go for just ten minutes and cover the full body with a focus on pelvic floor stability, posture, fun moves, cardio, upper and lower body strength to prevent injuries or pain.

Wendy says, “These prenatal workouts focus on mental health, strength, mobility, vitality, balance and functional moves to help with day to day activities. Not only with you FEEL physically and mentally stronger, but this helps with the emotional hormone balance. Letting out stress in a safe environment which reduces the risk of anxiety or depression.”

These are great workouts to help pregnant women relax and get stronger for the birth and to have the energy for their family and enjoy this special time.

Sascha says, “I have so enjoyed doing these workouts with Wendy. They really have made me feel energised, in control and ready for baby number four.”

*IMPORTANT – Please seek medical advice prior to performing any of these prenatal exercises. Confirm with your Health Professional that you have the clearway to workout safely eg, GP, Obstetrician or Specialist. STOP exercise if you feel anything unusual, eg dizzy, bleeding, sore joints, stomach cramps, headaches or just not feeling as normal.

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