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Samara’s top three tips to ditch the tummy fat and get rock hard abs!

Mum of two Samara’s transformation is UNREAL! And for anyone who wants to know how she achieved those hot abs, Samara has shared her top three tips that helped her ditch the tummy fat and look and feel like a superstar!

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Samara says, “The thought of exercising right after pregnancy can be a bit daunting! There’s a new baby to think of (and maybe previous kids too), possible muscle separation, and getting into a good routine.”

Check out her top tips below! 

Samara’s top tips to ditch the tummy fat

1. Start simple


‘Don’t underestimate the power of a good walk. Once your fitness levels increase, try adding in a bit of a jog. I started walking within the first few weeks of having my second daughter.

The fresh air was good for everyone. Slowly I increased it to a jog every now and then, and now I try to see how long I can run for. I can feel and see the difference in my mid section.

Once your fitness levels start to increase, high impact interval training (HIIT) exercises are great for reducing the fat around the stomach as well as building muscle. The Healthy Mummy challenge exercises are HIIT based.

They are quick but effective and definitely get the job done! I try to get at least 2 rounds of the challenge exercises done throughout the day. They don’t take long and I always work up a good sweat.

2. Never underestimate the good old crunch

samara abs

Mix it up a bit too. Try some normal crunches, add in some twisted crunches, then throw in some oblique crunches! I love doing crunches on an exercise ball too for a raised crunch.

3. Clean eating and drinking


They say that abs are made in the kitchen and they can’t be more right! If you really want to get rid of the fat or bloat around the tummy, then make sure your food is clean! Starving yourself will not work!

The meals from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge are filled with perfect well-balanced recipes that will provide your body with the nutrients and energy that it needs! There’s no need to cut out your favourite foods, but rather swap them for a healthier alternative.

Instead of refined carbs found in white bread, pasta and white rice, switch to sweet potato, brown pasta or quinoa.

Stay away from soft drinks and added sugar. Sugar is a major contributor to belly fat! Don’t eat to FILL your body, but rather to FUEL your body.

samara b and a

And here’s one for free! No matter what, always remember that it takes time and hard work. You won’t get a flat stomach and abs over a week. You will need to be persistent and your hard work will all pay off in the end!’

Great tips Samara, you’re an inspiration!


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