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How to go VEGAN when you have a tight budget

Whether it’s to jump on a trend, an environmental awakening or a health-conscious decision, there’s no denying that turning vegan is becoming a more popular choice these days.

But at some restaurants, the prices for vegetarian or vegan options can often be pretty eye-watering.

So, how can you ditch the dairy and meat but also make nice meals on a tight budget?

Here’s how to go vegan without breaking the bank

1. Make small changes

Going vegan doesn’t have to be an instant thing. If you’ve got a fridge full of food that is good to eat, why not try swapping out items one by one?

2. Purchase seasonal fruits and vegetable

A lot of the vegan diet is plant-based food, so to save costs purchase food in the supermarket that is seasonal. These items will often be more reasonably priced.

Vegan food can be the most budget-friendly and healthiest!

3. Buy in bulk

Bring the total amount of your weekly shopping bill down by buying food in bulk. You may not be able to get away with buying some fruit and veg in bulk if you can’t freeze it.

But you can buy rice, oats, legumes and grains in bulk from certain shops and use them with your meals. Canned food also lasts a long time and helps minimise waste.

4. Steer clear of processed vegan food

Often vegan-friendly snacks and ‘alternative meats’ are the most expensive items in the supermarkets.

Try and go back to basics with fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and beans. It can sill be nutritional as well as satisfying.

5. Make your own meals

By cooking everything from scratch, you’re going to save the big bucks and also know exactly what you are putting into your meals.


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In less than 15 minutes you can prepare this egg-free Chocolate Custard for a tasty vegan dessert.

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Raw Double Chocolate Peppermint Slice

For an after dinner treat or simply a midday pick me up, this Raw Double Chocolate Peppermint Slice is the perfect go-to snack and it’s vegan-friendly!

Stuffed Mushrooms

Our Stuffed Mushrooms avoid the cheese and focus on veggies, nuts and herbs instead.

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