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5 ways to keep your summer drinking in check

Summer time naturally brings out the social butterfly in us all.

Of course, socialising is apart of a healthy lifestyle, so how do we connect with others without going overboard on the alcohol?

Healthy Mummy nutritionist, Cheree lists 5 ways you can ensure your social summer drinking doesn’t get TOO social.

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5 ways to keep your summer drinking in check

1. Drink on your own terms

Avoid buying in rounds or sharing bottles with your friends, as this makes you “keep up” with other drinkers.

2. Pace it with drinks that aren’t alcoholic

There are so many options for drinks to enjoy that don’t contain alcohol. You might find yourself going all night on the “soft” options!

Think kombucha, water kefir, home made iced tea, or sparkling water infused with fruit.

sparkling water with lemon

3. Tame your portions

Use smaller glasses to have smaller drinks. If you are going to a party, take only what you plan to drink and no more.

If you are only drinking four bottles of beer, you don’t need to take the case. Avoid temptations.

4. Feed yourself first

Drinking with or after food will help alcohol absorb slower, reduce cravings for more alcohol, and reduce the amount of alcohol that you will drink.

Make yourself a rule to only drink with food.


5. Track with an app

It’s easy to lose count of how many drinks you have had when you are out having fun, but using an app will help you stick to your limit.

If those summer BBQ’s aren’t slowing down, why not try our a delicious low calorie mocktail.

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