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The SECRET HACK to keeping fruit fresher and lasting longer

Constantly throwing out gone off fruit? There’s a secret hack going around on how to keep your fruit fresher and also last longer.

Steph Gigliotti shared the handy hack on TikTok and it’s been shared over seven million times!

Here’s the secret…

The secret to keeping fruit fresher for longer is…


“If you put your fruit, like strawberries, in a glass jar in the refrigerator they stay fresh for two to three weeks,” says Steph.


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Fruit storing method breakdown

The method is very straight forward, all you need to do is put the fruit on kitchen paper to absorb the excess moisture.

Then transfer the fruit into sealed jars and put in your fridge – it also looks very atheistically pleasing!

Plus, this method also helps you eliminate food waste and save money.

Healthy Mummy fruit recipes

Fruit Kebabs With Orange Dipping Sauce

Looking for a new and delicious way to serve up your favourite fruits? Look no further than these Fruit Kebabs Recipes With Orange Dipping Sauce is perfect.

Quick, easy, and super healthy, these fruity skewers make a great dessert or snack, especially when paired with this creamy, citrus dipping sauce.We all know that fruit is an excellent choice when it comes to a healthy snack or dessert.

But you could be forgiven for getting a touch bored with your usual banana or apple slices. Mixing things up is the key to keeping healthy eating exciting.

Healthy and Fruit Smoothie Bowl Recipe

A super easy, fruity, and healthy smoothie bowl recipe for 282 calories! It’s so easy to make your own café-style breakfast thanks to this fab recipe from 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member Samara Syed.
These healthy smoothie bowl recipes are just like the Healthy Mummy Smoothies you know and love, but thicker and made to eat with a spoon. Enjoy this recipe

5 Ingredient Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Here’s a gooey chocolate custard that is just calling out to have fresh fruit dipped into it.Make a big batch for the whole family and be the dessert hero – they don’t need to know it’s actually healthy.

This is just another example of the amazing recipes that we give you on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

No need to miss out on your favourite foods – plus you can still lose weight. Get the recipe here.

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