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YouTube will reportedly STOP targeted ads on videos aimed at kids

YouTube is reportedly ‘finalising plans’ to stop targeted advertisements on their videos aimed for kids.

This move could potentially affect their sales, as much as down by 10%. However, they could face bigger problems if they don’t stop the ads…


YouTube is ‘finalising plans’ to STOP targeted ads on videos aimed at kids

Video ads that are targeted at children under the age of 13 could be in violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Act.

According to Bloomberg, the Federal Trade Commission has been looking into whether or not YouTube has breached the Act.

The Google-owned website has long maintained that it’s not a site for children, there’s a YouTube Kids app, which will now get new categories for different ages.

“We know that what is great content for a 4-year-old may not be great content for a 10-year-old, which is why we want to make it easier for parents to select the right content for their kids on YouTube Kids,” the company said in the blog post.

The company has long had problems with sinister messages or videos popping up on content for children.

YouTube reveals that it still won’t be able to spot all inappropriate videos.

“Our systems work hard to exclude content not suitable for each of these age categories, but not all videos have been manually reviewed,” says the company.

“If you find something inappropriate that we missed, you can block it or flag it for fast review.”

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