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Real mums take on Rosie the Riveter for International Women’s Day!

Here at Healthy Mummy HQ, we are all about women supporting women to be healthy, empowered and strong.

So we asked our FABULOUS Healthy Mummy Community to take on the iconic Rosie the Riveter pose in honour of International Women’s Day.

Check them out below! And remember ladies, WE CAN DO IT!

Rosie the Riveter

Real mums as Rosie the Riveter!

Cassie McKay

Cassie McKay we can do it 2

Cassie says, “Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

Stephanie Payne

Stephanie Payne we can do it

Stephanie says, “I hope my youngest son doesn’t mind that I cut up last years art smock in aid of creating this picture perfect masterpiece. I may just have to get him from school wearing it.”

Tanase Kingston

Tanase Kingston we can do it

Tanase says, “My kid thinks I’m crazy and I had to bribe him to take the photo, good fun!”

Emily Wharerimu

Emily Wharerimu we can do it

Double girl power! We love seeing the kids getting involved too!

Sam Barker

Sam Barker we can do it

Even with a toddler on her arm, Sam is proving how much of a strong woman she is!

Kyla Reeves

Kyla Reeves we can do it

We’re seeing double, you look awesome Kyla!

Jodie Kochman

Jodie Kochman we can do it

We’re loving the Healthy Mummy pink twist!

Natasha Behm

Natasha Behm we can do it

You look stunning Natasha, love it!

Amy Harris

Amy Harris we can do it

This looks like a legit poster, nice work Amy! And we’re loving the resistance band headwear!

Lisa Porteous

Lisa Porteous we can do it

Looking fab Lisa!

Nikola Green

Nikola Green we can do it

Looking strong and sexy Nikola!

Brigitte Walshaw

Brigitte Walshaw we can do it

Can’t forget the Healthy Mummy Smoothie!

Kelly Cooper

Kelly Cooper we can do it

Kelly means business!

Dominique Whiley

Dominique Whiley we can do it

Dominique says, “Finished mowing the lawns, out of a cold shower and while brushing my teeth I saw this. Well I’m enjoying the kids being asleep and not wanting to get dressed yet so I think I nailed it! Yes that’s a paw patrol tooth brush haha!”

Bridget Flint-Chapman

Bridget Flint Chapman we can do it

Bridget, you look like one strong and empowered mama!

Elyce Fulford

Elyce Fulford we can do it

Nice guns Elyce!

Kylie Ann Castleman

Kylie Ann Castleman we can do it

Love this Kylie!

Kirsten Francis

Kirsten Francis we can do it

Loving that pop of colour Kirsten!

Roz Rice

Roz Rice we can do it

The red resistance band is the BEST fashion accessory!

Aislynn Ireland

Aislynn Ireland we can do it

Looking fierce Aislynn!

Helen Cox

Helen Cox we can do it

Nice muscles Helen!

Samara Romanis

Samara Romanis we can do it

You look fab Samara!

Bec Matt

Bec Matt we can do it

How gorgeous does Bec look?

Kirsty Aldridge

Kirsty Aldridge we can do it

Flex it Kirsty!

Jo Lloyd

Jo Lloyd we can do it

Jo says, “Had lots of fun recreating this one.”

Brooke Jones

Brooke Jones we can do it

Go Brooke, love your work!

Melanie Phillips

Melanie Phillips we can do it

Loving this 2018 style recreation!

Charlotte Davies

Charlotte Davies we can do it

This looks FAB Charlotte!

Zoe Bremner

Zoe Bremner we can do it

Loving the multicoloured hair accessory!

Elouise Ford

Elouise Ford we can do it

Nice one Elouise!

Kate Jacklin

Kate Jacklin we can do it

Looking fierce Kate!

Lacey Joan

Lacey Joan we can do it

Go Lacey!

Sally Stepniewski

Sally Stepniewski we can do it

Rocking the Healthy Mummy pink, woohoo!

Bec Hayward

Bec Hayward we can do it

You don’t want to mess with Bec! Amazing!

Eleanor Hannah

Eleanor Hannah we can do it

Yes Eleanor, love it!

Kasey Lee Kelly

Kasey Lee Kelly we can do it

We see that Healthy Mummy singlet, fab!

Tiffany Rizzi

Tiffany Rizzi we can do it

Tiffany says, “Here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”

Jacqueline Stingell

Jacqueline Stingell we can do it

Nice one Jacqueline!

Allexe Dombroski

Allexe Dombroski we can do it

Yes we can Allexe!

Ash Logan

Ash Logan we can do it

Stunning Ash!

TatianaRyan Kekena

TatianaRyan Kekena we can do it

Tatiana says, “There is a woman at the beginning of all great things.” And we couldn’t agree more!

Thanks so much for sharing your pics ladies, we LOVE them!

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