Recall issued for Heinz By Nature 7+ months baby foods

Heinz and Tesco are voluntarily recalling all 7+ months Heinz By Nature baby food range following the discovery of a single jar of baby food that had been tampered with.

Recall issued for Heinz By Nature 7+ months baby foods

The product has been recalled after two sharp metal fragments were found in the jar.

Only the jars in the 7+month range and purchased from Tesco are affected. The same product and same batch codes at other retail stores and in other packaging e.g. pouches are not affected.

What product is affected?

Heinz By Nature 7+ months baby foods which are sold in 200g jars in Sweet & Sour Chicken, Mango Chicken Curry, Cottage Pie, Cheesy & Tomato Pasta Stars, Sunday Chicken Dinner, Spaghetti Bolognese, Winter Veggies & Lamb and Pasta Bake With Tuna varieties.

What should I do?

Customers have been advised to not eat the jars, but return them to the Tesco store for a full refund. The recall only applies to Heinz jars bought in Tesco, and no other brands bought in the store.

A statement from Heinz added: “Safety is our number one priority. Products in the range were removed from sale immediately and we are taking this voluntary recall action as a precaution.”


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