Motivation: Two real mums talk about how to get it and how to keep It!

The Healthy Mummy Gets Chatty with 2 mums from our community

In this, our second, episode of The Healthy Mummy Gets Chatty we have two real Healthy Mummy Mums sharing their tips to getting and staying motivated whilst being busy mums.

First Cheree the nutritionist behind our yummy meal plans chats to mum of 4, Amy Atkinson who has lost more than 50kg about her top 3 motivational tips to stay on track whilst being a busy mum.

Then our founder Rhian Allen chats to Melanie who has also lost over 50 kilos about the toxic situation she got out of which motivated her to get started, and the amazing feeling of accomplishment after her first week of cutting sugar out.

More about the guests

Amy Atkinson, a mum-of-four from Tasmania, who has lost an INCREDIBLE 56kg and over 200cm off her body!

Before she lost her baby weight by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, Amy admits she felt like life was passing her by.

“We didn’t go out anywhere, it takes a lot of energy to take four children out, putting them in car seats, getting the pram out and all of that. We barely went out, barely did anything,” says Amy.

Thankfully, now she has found a zest for life and along with that gained the confidence to flaunt her figure!

Melanie Arnold-Stemn has not only lost a MASSIVE 59kg, almost half of her body weight, but she has also gained ENORMOUS strength in the process

“After gaining 65kg, following “success” on another program, I knew I needed to find something sustainable. I was sceptical that something like that even existed until I found The Healthy Mummy and the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges. Since I joined I have never looked back.”

Throughout her process of becoming mentally and physically stronger, she has been tackling any obstacles that come her way like a true WARRIOR.

Thanks for chatting all things Healthy Mummy with us ladies, if you want to join the amazing community these mums love you can join here.

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