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14 Signs You Have Pregnancy-Induced Baby Brain

Pregnant? Feel like you have lost your mind? Blame baby brain.

Studies confirm that the forgetfulness, oversensitiveness and lack of focus women experience during pregnancy is actually a thing. But you don’t need a doctor to determine whether you have baby brain or not. Our handy checklist will do the trick.

Goodbye Focus. Hello Forgetfulness

Growing a human is hard work. Your emotions run wild. Your taste buds completely change. Your sense of smell enhances. Your body swells like never before. And your brain pretty much turns to mush.

Researchers at the University of London have confirmed that pregnancy increases the activity in the area of the brain related to emotional skills. The brain is so busy preparing for motherhood that it would appear every day activities get pushed to the side.

So how do you know if you have baby brain? Here are 14 signs that give it away.

1. You lose your keys on a regular basis.

And usually find them in the fridge.

2. You show up to work on a Sunday.

Monday’s always come around too quickly, especially when you arrive at the office dressed to impress only to realise you’re 24 hours too early.

3. You place your filled ice cube tray in the pantry.

And turn into a weeping mess when you realise you don’t have any ice.

4. You use deodorant as hair spray.

At least your hair smells like lavender.

5. You forget to collect your groceries at the check out.

Nothing says, “I’m pregnant” like paying for $200 worth of groceries and then leaving the shops without them.

6. You forget where you parked your car.

Because, turns out, you walked.

7. You leave the house with a towel on your head.

At least you remembered to wash your hair though. That’s a plus.

8. You find yourself tearing up in the dairy aisle because you can’t decide what cheese to buy.

Life choices are hard.

9. You add Hundreds & Thousands to your casserole.

Sprinkles….salt. Same same.

10. You take a role of GLAD Wrap to work and leave your wrapped lunch on the kitchen counter.

Takeaway lunch it is.

11. You’re pretty sure you only painted the toenails on one of your feet.

But it’s hard to know for sure because you can’t see your toes anyway.

12. You wait 15 minutes for the kettle to boil.

Only to realise the thing isn’t plugged in.

13. You start to write down a list of things you need at the shops.

And end up jotting down baby names that you like instead.

14. You can’t get your house keys to fit in your front door.

Because you’re at your neighbour’s house. And clearly failing at life.

It happens to the best of us. In fact, doing ridiculously dumb things is part of the parenting rite of passage. And it’s just the beginning – there are plenty more brainless moments ahead, especially when sleep deprivation kicks in.

Embrace it. Enjoy it. And invest in another ice cube tray, just in case.

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