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About this product

Snacks often get a bad rap because you can easily sabotage your efforts at living a healthy lifestyle and reaching your weight-loss goals by making the wrong choices. Eating snacks in excessive quantities, choosing low-quality junk foods or mindless grazing are all ways that snacks can hinder our healthy plans. But we believe snacks can be more friend than foe; it’s all about snacking smarter.

The right snacks – made with quality ingredients, in reasonably sized portions – can keep your metabolism firing at its maximum efficiency and help fulfil your body’s nutritional requirements. Savoury snacks can be the best choice when you’re looking for something to boost your energy between main meals. Satisfying your body with the healthiest nutrients rather than feeding a pesky sweet tooth is a great habit to get into. We have included some of our favourite, easy-to prepare, nutrient-dense savoury snacks in this cookbook, so you have a wide variety of options to choose from when you need something small to keep you at your best all day long.