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10 top tips on staying motivated to smash your goals

Congratulations. You are in the midst of your weight loss journey! Keep up the AMAZING work. And if you ever feel ‘stuck’ or lacking motivation we are here to share our top 10 tips on staying motivated to smash your goals.

10 ways to stay motivated

1. Record your reasons

Think back to when you first made the decision to begin your weight-loss journey then write down the reason for this decision. Be brutally honest in your writing, as it will be this deep desire for change that will keep you motivated to reach your destination.

Whenever you begin to waver in your commitment, refer back to this.

2. Take a photo

Changes can be missed, especially when they are so consistent. We are often able to convince ourselves that all of this exercise, commitment and healthy eating is of no benefit.

But if you have a before photo and you continue to take progress photos to compare the changes, you will have physical proof. Seeing these changes will encourage you to keep moving.

Check out these before and after photos from some amazing mums in our community who have achieved successful goals!

These amazing transformations were achieved by following the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and you can achieve them too by signing up.  Remember it’s never to late to start.

3. Relax

Placing too much pressure on yourself can be the number one killer of motivation. Placing unattainable expectations on yourself will only set you up for disappointment and failure.

Permanent weight loss is a journey, it is not a race. It takes a lifetime commitment, a lifestyle adjustment and it is acceptance. Acceptance of slip ups, bad weeks, great weeks, goal reaching and everything in between.

4. Record your goals

Set yourself attainable and achievable goals. Start off with small goals so that you can guarantee you can reach them. Mark them off as you work your way down the list.


5. Limit temptations

Understand yourself, what tempts you, and what emotions or situations may cause you to blow out. Then limit the temptations you have stored in your home at these times.

If you don’t have a packet of chocolate biscuits in the house then when you have a bad day at work you are less likely to gorge.

Remember, having a larger size dinner or over indulging in healthy foods is much better for you than allowing yourself to finish a block of Cadbury’s finest.

6. Do not compare

Every single body is different and even if you have the same weight and height as another challenger you may hold your weight differently. Or you could lose your weight differently.

Comparing yourself to another woman will only cause you disappointment. Your only comparison should be between your past self and present self.

7. Start 2-minute workouts

We are mums. We are busy. We’ve the pressures of breastfeeding, taming toddlers, working and a thousand other responsibilities throughout the day.

You do not have to complete an hour work out session in one sitting.

8. Keep a journal

Record your reasons, goals, eating patterns, exercise routines, measurements and feelings in a weight-loss journal. One place to keep a record of your entire journey means you have something to read back over.

9. Reset your mindset

Being on this journey should be a slow walk to a healthy lifestyle, rather than a sprint to being skinny. Focus your energy on being healthy, strong and changing your life rather than simply losing weight.

If you have a strong mindset you will achieve all of your goals!

10. Find a routine

Have a plan or something to follow that will help encourage you. Without this, it can become very easy to lose your mojo. Try signing up to our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and we can provide you with meal plans, recipes and exercise plans.

Plus you’ve the added bonus of a huge community of beautiful and supportive mums who are following the same journey and help each to stay motivated.

Most importantly, have fun with it!


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