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INCREDIBLE! These Five Inspirational mums have transformed their bodies & lives and are feeling AMAZING

Wow! These five amazing mums from the Healthy Mummy community have lots to celebrate! By following The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, they have all had great weight loss success and are also celebrating their Non Scale Victories! 

But it’s not only about weight and cm’s lost – it’s all the positive things they have gained. They’re all more confident, healthy, strong and most importantly, happier now they’re living a Healthy Mummy lifestyle.

They have  all put in a consistent effort, but by having the Healthy Mummy App in their hand and with support from the amazing Healthy Mummy community, the are now reaping the benefits and feeling FABULOUS!

Janette Turner has lost 10 kilos

Janette says:  “Well this is me! There is 11 months between these photos, 10 kgs and a whole lot of inches.
I’ve been wondering what comes next? Where do I go once I’ve reached my goals? Do I strive for one more inch, another half a kg?

I think the answer is acceptance. Acceptance that this is now me and it is good enough! It’s not what I’m used to, it doesn’t look like the woman I expect to be seeing when I look in the mirror. But I now need to accept that while that was a past version of me, I’m still inside this new me.

I don’t need to be on a constant path of improvement, I think I may have made it. I’m now on enjoying a consistent lifestyle of health and wellness. Yes my weight fluctuates and I still look at and point out my flaws in the mirror, but they are part of me and I’m learning to accept them. The journey may seem long (11 months in this case!) but it has all happened in a flash.

Commit, focus and see the results.

I owe it to the Healthy Mummy and the support of all these wonderful ladies in this community. Keep it up”

Meridith Carrington Strait has completely changed her mindset

Meredith says: Then compared with Now.

Then, lived off junk food. Now, enjoy a variety of healthier foods.

Then, poor sleep. Now, Much better sleep.

Then, never exercised. Now, exercise every day.

Then, never drank water. Now, 2 litres of water everyday.

I’m not where I want to be scales wise so today I’m focusing on my NSVs (non scale victories). Since joining the Healthy Mummy my mindset has completely changed and I’m so much more healthier and happier than I’ve been in a long time!

Not only am I looking after myself better I’m able to give my family healthier choices when it comes to meals/snacks.”

Sarah Louise Parkhouse  – ‘It’s not all about the scales’

Sarah says, “I restarted my Healthy Mummy journey at the start of January and I am more a slow and steady win the race type of girl. There are 7 days between these photos and although in that time on the scales I only lost a lb the NSVs (non scale victories) are so much more important. In those 7 days I have lost 4 inches across of body and what is more noticeable is my ability to complete the workouts to a higher level.

Remember ladies it is not all about the scales. I love the Healthy Mummy because I know I am fuelling and educating my boys on a healthy lifestyle and that ladies is priceless. I am so pleased I took the leap and became a lifetime member and you can too.”

Carrie Ridley – ‘There’s so many benefits to being a Healthy Mummy’

Carrie says:

  • From 11 stone 12 to 8 stone 12
  • From Size 12 to size 8
  • From unhealthy to healthy
  • From unhappy to happy
  • From unfit to fit
  • From wearing baggy clothes to wearing whatever I like
  • From low energy to more energy
  • From joint pain to no pain
  • From spotty skin to hardly any spots
  • From unconfident to confident

“There’s so many benefits to being a Healthy Mummy I could list them all day”

Elinore Dissington is loving her Non Scale Victory!

Elinore says: “Once again I’m flashing back to the start of the 12 week challenge and the start of the Belly Blaster challenge.

Not a huge difference in terms of weight, with only 0.5kg lost, but 9cm lost primarily across my waist and abdomen (I measure where my tummy button is), which you can definitely see in the picture.

On the Non Scale Victory  side of things, I’m also down a notch on my belt and no longer feel like I have a “spare tyre” when sitting. 

I am starting to enjoy working out daily, and actually miss it when I forget. And loving the Kettlebell workouts almost as much a the Boxing ones.”

Well done, ladies on your amazing transformations.

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