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How these 4 inspiring mums dropped more than 3 stone EACH

Wow! Prepare to be BLOWN AWAY! These four inspiring mums have dropped more than 3st. each on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. That’s a MASSIVE combined weight loss of over 12 stone!

Not only have these gorgeous women transformed their bodies and improved their fitness, but they’ve also boosted their confidence remarkably too. How amazing is that?

So, the question we are itching to have answered – how did they do it? 

If you were thinking about tackling your weight or fitness – we have no doubt these mums will empower you to take charge of your own goals.

How these 4 inspiring mums dropped more than 3 stone EACH

How these 4 inspiring mums dropped more than 3 stone EACH

1. Chloe

5 Inspiring Mums Who Have Dropped MORE Than 25kgs* EACH! - Chloe

Can you believe this gorgeous mum-of-four has lost an AMAZING 5.7st and over 62 inches off her body? Chloe is now 2st. away from her goal weight and is determined to rock her first wedding dress fitting in a few months.

After giving birth to baby number four, Chloe was sitting at 20.13st. She joined The Healthy Mummy’s Facebook page and inspired by the transformations of other women, Chloe joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. 

Chloe admits, “This program has given me so much! So many things that no other program has.”

Chloe adds, “I am not even eliminating the things I love! I just have healthier, cleaner and fresher options!”

2. Jacinta

How These 5 Inspiring Mums Dropped More Than 25kgs* EACH! - Jacinta

This beautiful mum has lost 5.7st with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge – what a transformation!

Jacinta says: “There is 9 months and 5.7st difference between these photos and it was thanks to The Healthy Mummy that I managed to get this far!”

How incredible is that?!

3. Natasha

How These 5 Inspiring Mums Dropped More Than 25kgs* EACH! - Natasha

This magnificent mum has lost a whopping 4.10st. Natasha is now only 2.2st. from her goal weight.

Natasha says, “I can’t thank The Healthy Mummy enough for the changes in me.

“I never thought I could accomplish this. I tried everything under the sun before finding the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and would give up 3 months later, and just think it was way too difficult, there was no hope for me.”

4. Brigitte

5 INSPIRING Mums Who Have Dropped MORE Than 25kgs*!

Can you believe this hot mama transformed her body and dropped 4.9st. in less than 12 months? So, how did she lose the weight?

Brigitte says, “I started exercising more and having The Healthy Mummy smoothies, as well as cooking the delicious recipes from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

“When I started on The Healthy Mummy smoothies I weighed 13.7st.  Today I weigh 8.11st.

“I do a 45 minute walk every day now.”

Absolutely amazing! Well, ladies you are all looking absolutely FABULOUS – you ought to be so proud of yourselves.

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