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See how this mum has transformed not only her appearance, but her mental wellbeing and her lifestyle!

Our amazing mum, Jessica-Anne has lost 7.8 stone. This has not only completely transformed her appearance, but also her outlook, her mental wellbeing and her lifestyle! This is her story.

Losing weight

Jessica-Anne’s starting weight was 19.9 stone. In just over a year, she is 5.6 stone lighter! She says that her goal is to lose 7.8 stone.

A change of lifestyle

Jessica-Anne says that The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has helped her go from a meat eater to a vegetarian, from a couch potato to everyday exercise, and from all black clothes to bright colourful patterns!

Overcoming anxiety

Jessica-Anne says that her “anxiety was crazy bad. I wouldn’t leave the house for weeks. I wouldn’t go anywhere on my own. I wouldn’t drive. I wouldn’t even answer the phone.” She says that is all changed! “I smile with my teeth showing, I go for walk/jogs on my own! I go shopping on my own, I go out with friends and now when I feel people look at me, I look right back at them and smile!”

Making the change

“August 2017 is when I knew I had to do something, and today I’m so very glad I did because look at me now!!!” Jessica-Anne continues to say that she still has a bit to go, “but I’ll get there! I have bad days and I have bad weeks, but at the end of the day I’m not failing because I’m trying and I’m not giving up. I’m learning to love myself and be proud of myself and without all you ladies supporting me, I wouldn’t still be on my journey today, so thank you all very much.”

Thank you Jessica-Anne! We are so glad that you chose The Healthy Mummy to take that positive step for yourself and transform your life!

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