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This mum has lost 50lbs AND quit smoking with the help of the Healthy Mummy!

Katie has not only lost 50 lbs (3.57 stone), she has also quit smoking and improved her WHOLE lifestyle and outlook on life

She tackled the smoking first and then made some important food and nutrition changes with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

Embarking on a lifestyle change

Katie Elizabeth Kirkham had been a smoker for 10 years before she found the Healthy Mummy almost a year ago. She says, “I’d quit before and put loads of weight on so the thought of quitting and dieting was far too much! 

“I decided I had to tackle the smoking first and slowly introduce the diet change. I was a member for the Healthy Mummy Private Facebook Support group so I started making the free recipes and swapping all carbs for wholemeal, and just be healthy!”

A few months later, Katie joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and had great success, “I’ve managed to stay off the cigarettes which is saving me £70 a week! I can also exercise a lot longer before feeling out of breath!”

If you are wanting to make a huge lifestyle change as Katie did, then her tips might come handy:

Here are her 3 tips:

  1. “Take it slow and make small changes – they all add up to give you a big loss
  2. Be consistent – if you have a bad day start again tomorrow or with the next thing you eat, don’t quit just because you have 1 set back. 
  3. Keep hydrated – so important to feel good on the inside as well as outside.” 

“When you feel like giving up remember why you started this!” Katie explains.

Need some help to blast your belly fat?

Check out the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

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