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Healthy Mummies pose with new Nike Plus sized mannequins!

You may have read our recent blog on sportswear brand Nike introducing plus-size mannequins, to its flagship London store, and felt the buzz surrounding the story in the press and online.

The re-developed women’s floor now celebrates inclusivity as well as diversity. The ripple effect of the move has meant that influencers and collaborators involved with the campaign have used their celebrity to spread the positive messages to their thousands of followers.

Influencer Chloe Elliott referred to the campaign as a “dream” and hailed “brands working towards diversity and including plus size women in such a positive way.”

Healthy Mummy community take the Nike mannequin challenge!

While some of the coverage in response was negative, we can all agree that it has at least got people talking and it certainly sparked interest within The Healthy Mummy community.

Our women have felt empowered by Nike’s decision for the most part. This triggered one mum, Lauren, to start the #Nikemannequinchallenge where mums would take photos and have been brave enough to post pictures of themselves posing just like the plus size mannequin and sharing their thoughts on the whole thing.

They write about how the move isn’t about brand awareness or size, it is about inclusiveness, and giving the anti-cool girl who never quite knew her place – a voice.

Lauren Kolstad

Lauren was so inspired by the new Nike mannequin she challenged her other Healthy Mummies to take the #Nikemannequinchallenge!

Lauren says, “Here’s me in my activewear.
I’m a runner
Gym Goer
Dancefit enjoyer
Exercising mumma.

And I need activewear to do those things.

Some wear active wear for weightloss.
Most wear it because we’re working on achieving fitness goals, regardless of size.
Some because they enjoy the comfort that only stretchy pants can bring.

But all bodies, across ALL sizes, whether they’re the hourglass, curvy, thick thighs, strong arms, out of ‘proportion’ or petite DESERVE active wear that makes them feel good.

So I want to see all of you amazing healthy mummies do your own #nikemannequinchallenge ❤️ Because every body, all bodies, should be represented in activewear brands.

(And I am so happy that there are many many brands who already show all bodies in their advertising)”

Zena Mason

Zean took it as a time to reflect on loving her body and reminding others to love their body no matter how it looks!

Zena says, “My thoughts on the Nike plus size mannequin… whether it’s a plus size mannequin or not so many of us just don’t like our bodies… society’s attitude needs to change around all things body love but so does my own attitude!

So to start my own process my next fun run I’m wearing a crop… 10km in August Bridge to Brisbane. Why have I never worn a crop before out in public I’m about to find out!

My first body love hurdle was sharing my half naked photo with Healthy Mummy December 17, after doing it I haven’t cared a bit. My second hurdle, body love photoshoot and a bikini shoot on a public beach Dec 18. My third will be this one wearing the crop running. My fourth getting hubby to catch up with this new crazy women who doesn’t care for peoples expectations on my body parts!

All of these events shaped me to who I am today and allowed me to remove all the decade of hatred I had about my body!

So it got me thinking – is it my attitude that needs to also change… like with breastfeeding in public the part where I was just so anxious about it but eventually I just didn’t care anymore what people thought? Again wearing short shorts in public with my thunder thighs I just decided I would stop covering up it’s just skin after all!

I can’t lie I still compared myself to this mannequin the same way I had compared myself to the other mannequins as a 17 year old trying to find her place in this world, the same lady at size 22 who couldn’t bare to stand next to one or look at it because of how it made her feel!

Her legs look strong, mine flabby, her tummy is a lovely shape, mine not so much.. I have the same body shape so does that now mean I’m all the horrible things people have said?

No… I’m an amazing capable human being despite the label they put on the size I am!

And if I don’t keep working on the body love when I reach my goal I still won’t be the “happy” I always imagined I would be when I finally get there!

Whatever your shape, size, mannequin preference… work on loving who you are.. it’s hard work but boy does it make life a little more fun!”

Samara Romanis

Samara knows the feeling of growing up not knowing where she fit, or how to fit in. She was the girl who couldn’t fit into branded clothing and never considered cool enough.

For her this is about feeling acceptance from not only her peers but within herself. It’s about confidence to walk into a shop and not feel shame.

Samara says, “So, as I am sure you are well and truly aware, Nike have brought out a range of clothes for women all shapes and sizes!

How freaking empowering is this?

To me, it’s not about the brand as awesome as they are and I am sure they have gotten plenty of attention from being a now inclusive brand.

To me this is about being inclusive.

This is about the girl who is growing up not knowing where she fits in, how she will fit in because she isn’t ‘cool’ enough, or not the ‘right’ size to wear a brand that people find cool.

This is about the girl who now can feel accepted not only within her peers but within herself.

This is about giving the girl the confidence to walk into a shop that she will not feel shame.

This is about so much more than a size.

This is about acceptance.

What I love most about this is that, it has stirred a pot that has been simmering on low for a while now and now that pot is bubbling.

It has got people talking, some negative (but we don’t listen to those small minded people) and mostly all the amazing positivity that has come from it.

I grew up as that girl, not being able to fit into branded clothing. Not considered cool enough, because I didn’t have the right clothes. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing after-all, cause to me that’s all just materialistic bullshit now.

But, this, what Nike has done. It’s an opportunity for women to strut their stuff and feel empowered!”

Emma Mirams

Emma teamed up with her friend Amy to take up the #Nikemannequinchallenge, see Emma’s showing her body love below.

Emma shared, “So you would have seen and read all the hoo haa about the new Nike plus size mannequin!

We saw the amazing Lauren Kolstad, a fellow Healthy Mummy throw out the #nikemannequinchallenge

So here we are…

2 Mums….
With 2 kids each….
Who both are considered “plus size “
Who both love working out
Who both love lifting weights
Who both enjoy real food
Who both are strong and healthy
Who both clearly have a Rockwear addiction

So now it’s your turn….
We are more than our pictures…. let’s show the community all of our beautiful bodies in all their glorious shapes and sizes….”

Megan Van Nierop

Megan stands proud! Numbers will not define her, she is a fit strong woman blessed with gorgeous curves and the gift of children.


Megan says, “Today I stand PROUD!!

I am fit and healthy. Numbers will not define me. I am a woman. I am blessed with amazing curves and the gift of having children.

My body is incredible and size DOES NOT and WILL NOT determine what I am able to achieve.

Together we stand as women united in loving ourselves for who we are inside and out!”

Helen Chaplin

Helen reminds puts a call out for all women to embrace everything about themselves and is all about self love!


Helen says, “I’m proud how far I have came so far. Confidence comes from within, size or weight doesn’t define your happiness

Self love always ladies!!”

Michelle Knight

For Michelle the mannequin represents a true woman. A healthy, strong, fit and happy – MUMMY! She symbolises all of us who have beared children and proudly own our curvy womanly bodies. The person and the human behind the body.

“I am what is classed as obese.
My crop is a size 10 my leggings are size 10.
I get that the books tell me WHAT I am supposed to be. They forget to tell me WHO I am supposed to be.
But the thing the “books” don’t take into account is the woman.
The person
The human
Not just the measurements.
I look at the mannequin and that’s a healthy looking figure.
I look at the mannequin as if I’m looking at a womans body.
Her thighs
Her arms
Her abs
Her shoulders.
She is me.
She is you
She is a women’s body.

Why must we continually determine skinny as healthy.
I’m the healthiest I have ever been even when I was 3.9 st lighter than I am now.

I am healthier, fitter, stronger, happier.
I am a healthy mummy.
This mannequin is symbolic of what can be determined as healthy.”

Why must skinny represent healthy? At size 10 Michelle is classed as obese and yet she is fitter, stronger and happier than ever. She is a Healthy Mummy!

Sarah Maynard

Sarah praises the new mannequin as it is acknowledging women of all sizes can be fit and healthy no matter what they look like.

Sarah says, “Thanks Lauren Kolstad for the challenge

This is amazing as it acknowledging women of all size just because you are a size 18 doesn’t mean you are not fit and healthy. Every woman deserves the right to shop in every store.

I almost didn’t post this then I remembered well someone beautiful reminded me how far I have come. So guess what it is time I embrace my body, curves & everything else because I’m worth it. Just like you all are.

So ladies let’s do this Nike mannequins challenge!!”

Christine Hamann

Christine says, “The beautiful Lauren Kolstad posted this and challenged everyone so here is mine.

This scares me posting this and I have been sitting here for an hour talking myself out of even posting it. But if I can help just one person feel body comfortable by doing this then you better believe I am going to do it.”

Maria Ager

Maria says, “This is me today.
Confident, motivated, inspired, positive and active.
Let’s see your mumma bodies this Saturday.
I’ve seen a few ladies do this so I thought I’d have a crack.
Please to see that Nike is on board with voluptuous women’s clothing.
Make positive choices this weekend.”

Andi Richards

Andi says, “Thanks to Lauren Kolstad for the challange.

Here’s me in my activewear.

  • I’m a runner
  • Weightlifter
  • Zumba dancer
  • A Healthy Mummy exercising
  • And I need active gear to do these activities

I would never have posted a picture of myself like this 2 years ago, but thanks to the Healthy Mummy I have gained so much confidence in myself and my body.

I’m loving that we are evolving and we are seeing more plus size displays in shop windows.
But all bodies, across ALL sizes, whether they’re the hourglass, curvy, thick thighs, strong arms, out of ‘proportion’ or petite DESERVE active wear that makes them feel good!

So I want to see all of you amazing healthy mummies do your own #nikemannequinchallenge because every body, all bodies, should be represented in activewear brands.”

Nic Marnell

Nic says, “How could I not jump on board with this.

As I’m standing here today I’m a size 12/14. A lot see that as plus size but to me this is the smallest I’ve been.

I started out as a size 26. If I wasn’t able to get activewear and be able to go to the gym or run down the street, I would not be where I am at today.

Today I’m fit and healthy.
Today I am a runner, I am confident in my body, I am happy, I go to the gym, I lift weights. I can smash out an F45 class. I’m uncoordinated but I go to Zumba.
I just did and underwear photoshoot for body confidence. I was featured on Break fast TV for losing 9.4 stone with Healthy Mummy and I’ll soon be in Women’s Day Magazine.
I am a normal busy working mum.

So I am going to continue to be me and wear what I want without the fear of being told I should fit into a certain mould. “

Whether you agree with the move or not, you can’t argue with these women and their sense of empowerment. Not to mention how fabulous they look! We love how this story has touched the Healthy Mummy Community.

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