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The Healthy Mummy team gives this single mum and her son a big gift for Christmas!

At Healthy Mummy we LOVE supporting mums, and we get that Christmas can be a tough time for some families. So we got our Healthy Mummy helpers to start spreading the gift of love this week and flew them to Glasgow to spoil our ‘Gift of Christmas’ winner!!!

Our ‘Gift of Christmas’ winner, Nicole Chabbi from Glasgow has been given a full Christmas to remember for her and her little boy Harry (aged 4).

The Healthy Mummy Team travelled from all over the UK to make sure Nicole and Harry will have a table full of food to last them all over Christmas and presents galore, even Santa himself paid a visit and surprised little Harry.

Nicole is 34 and from Glasgow, she was nominated by a fellow Healthy Mummy private FB Community member who said, “She has a heart of gold, she is always thinking of others and nothing is too much for her!

Working as a trainee paramedic she is on the front line, helping people every day, their lives depend on her. She’s even working over Christmas with long hours in her very demanding job.

Nicole always puts others first and thinks of herself last! A single mum to 4-year-old Harry, money is tight and she is struggling to make ends meet. Add to this the sad news that her Granny is currently in the hospital dying.

With everything going on right now, unfortunately, Christmas is on hold! This is an amazing mum and a true inspiration who deserves a break and the Gift of Christmas.”

We couldn’t agree more! Let operation Healthy Mummy Gift of Christmas begin!

Nicole is shocked to see The Healthy Mummy team at her door.

The Healthy Mummy UK team arrive at the door of Nicole’s home laden with food and gifts for her and her 4-year-old son Harry.

Unexpecting Nicole had been entered into the Healthy Mummy’s Gift of Christmas and was understandably shocked to find The Healthy Mummy’s Meal Prep Queens Sarah and Siobhan, with some Healthy Mummy helpers on her doorstep.

After the initial shock of it all, Nicole welcomes the team with open arms into her home.

Nicole gives Siobhan a huge hug!

Nicole first joined The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge a few months ago after seeing the amazing results a friend was having with it.

She says, “The Healthy Mummy has done so much for me, it’s made me fitter and healthier, my mindset has changed towards food and exercise, I feel happier and more confident in my own skin.”

Since then she has lost 21 lbs in 4 months and says Harry keeps her motivated to stay on track and says she will continue with the 28 Day Challenges because she loves “being in an amazing community of women all on the same path, seeing everyone’s results and how their confidence is growing.”

Nicole loves The Healthy Mummy Community saying, “It’s so welcoming and friendly, I feel apart of something special, I love how helpful everyone is if you have a question they is always someone on hand to offer great advice.”

The Healthy Mummy Elves work their magic

The Healthy Mummy Elves get wrapping!

The Healthy Mummy Elves wrapped an array of presents ahead of Santas arrival, whilst Nicole and Harry took a little time out upstairs to come to terms with what had just happened.

Then just when Nicole thought the day couldn’t get any better for her and Harry there was a gentle knock on the door followed by a ‘ho ho ho’ that meant only one thing….. Santa had arrived with a sack of toys!

Harry loved seeing Santa!

The look on Harry’s face was one of sheer excitement as the big man told of his travels from the North Pole and stories of reindeers and elves making this experience all the more magical for Harry and his deserving mum!

Harry opened all his presents in sheer delight, shouting, “I asked for this Santa,” again and again, it was an emotional moment to watch.

Nicole herself opened her presents and was gifted with incredible presents fit for any Healthy Mummy, unwrapping a Fitbit, Nutribullet, Kitchen Aid and pressure cooker helping her on her journey.

Nicole and Harry unwrapping their gifts from Santa.

Nicole said, “for me, all the gifts will help become the healthiest version of me for both myself and Harry’ I am delighted with everything especially to get a food processor so I can do even more prep now.”

Time to cook up a feast fit for Christmas

Nicole was whisked into the kitchen to start the food preparation and given some great meal prep tips from Sarah:

  • “Give yourself a little bit of time to sit down and plan your weekly meal plan.
  • Choose meals that will freeze well and double up when you can.
  • Where you can choose meals that use similar ingredients – overlapping them not only saves time but money as well.
  • Get Harry involved.
  • Repeat meals throughout the week.
  • Get all your ingredients ready to go – grate carrots, cheese etc; chop onions; whisk eggs so all you have to do is weigh and add the last bits.”

Sarah’s tips for cooking:

  • “Use as many cooking methods as you can at once, cooker, grill, slow cooker, hob, blender (I try to always make one of my snacks as a no-bake snack)
  • Don’t be afraid to add your own twist (I love playing around with flavours and switching chicken for fish or beef)
  • Instead of making a loaf make muffins this way they are already portioned for you.”
Siobhan, Sarah and Nicole cooking up a storm.

Nicole said she has already learnt so much through her Healthy Mummy journey about meal prep and eating healthy, she is grateful for all that she has learnt.

“I’ve learnt about meal prep, eating healthy meals for me and my little boy. I work 60-70 hours a week some weeks and meal prep has been a lifesaver for us, and it’s reassuring to know Harry is still eating healthy even when mummy’s working.” She explained

What was on the Menu

Sarah, Siobhan and Nicole made up an abundance of meals and snacks together for Nicole and Harry to enjoy over the festive period. The Healthy Mummies even found time to enjoy some traditional Scottish dancing around the kitchen whilst they worked!

Mains and sides:

Sticky ginger and pineapple glazed ham – 10 serves

Smoked Salmon, Avocado & Cheese Terrine – 16 serves

Onion and Brie Yorkshire pudding bites – 8 serves

You can grab the recipe here.

Crispy Seasoned Brussels sprouts – 6 serves

Parmesan Fritters – 8 serves

  • Cheesy Cauliflower bake – 8 serves
  • Hearty Minestrone soup – 12 serves
  • Beef and sweet potato lasagne – 8 serves
  • Healthy mac and cheese – 6 serves

All these delicious recipes and more are available as a part of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.


Weetabix Slice – 16 serves


You can grab this recipe here.

Christmas Fruit Cake – 15 serves


  • Mint Bubble Crunch Christmas trees – 12 serves
  • Christmas Pudding Bliss balls – 24 serves
  • Choc Chip Muffins – 24 serves
A plate full of healthy Christmas treats!


Nicole says “I can’t believe how easy the 4 ingredient Christmas cake was to make, just 4 ingredients that’s all it took and my house just smells lovely and festive now.”

“I will be bringing it to work with me on Christmas Day so will definitely have the taste of Christmas in my lunch box, I might even share it with my work collogues.”

“I thought that I would be eating a turkey sandwich between shifts on Christmas Day…now The Healthy Mummy have given me this time to make memories with Harry and enjoy all these healthy delights working on Christmas Day is not going to feel so bad.”

Nicole and Harry having a ball.

“My favourite dishes today are the Weetabix slice and also smoked salmon Terrine, they are so easy to do, really look impressive and Harry’s favourite too.”

The excitement didn’t end with Santa as little Harry couldn’t get over the delights of the kitchen as he saw the food being set up on the table declaring it a feast itching to sample some of his favourite snacks.

Time for a break and a chat

Nicole and Siobhan have a smoothie break and a chat.

As this magical day drew to an end Siobhan and Nicole enjoyed a healthy mummy Apple pie Smoothie and had chat on the sofa reflecting on her special day and what this whole day meant to her.

Speaking to the team a tearful Nicole opened up about what this experience meant for her and Harry.

“It’s been a really tough year for me, I’ve been working 60/70 hours most weeks training as a paramedic, being a single mum, trying to do my best for Harry and also Gran is in the hospital which is really hard for us all.”

“In my mind before opening the door today and being surprised with this amazing gift from The Healthy Mummy Christmas would have been like a dream any other day so to be nominated is a dream come true.”

I really never in a million years thought me and Harry would be getting this gift of Christmas from The Healthy Mummy, I want to thank each and every one of you for coming here today.”

Nicole, Harry and The Healthy Mummy Elves.

“For everyone at The Healthy Mummy who has made this happen for us a big thank you. Rhian, you are forever giving to everyone in the [Healthy Mummy] group and I am still in shock it still hasn’t sunk in how lucky I am that you chose me.”

Thanks, Nicole for having us and welcoming the Healthy Mummy team into your house, you have been amazing and we hope you and Harry have the most magical Christmas and 2019! Join Nicole in the Healthy Mummy Private FB Community and connect with like-minded mums.

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