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6 tips to stay on track when it’s halfway through the month

Having a goal or target at the beginning of each and every month is a great way to stay on weight loss track.

For example, ‘This month I hope to lose 5lbs’; ‘This month I aim to drink 2-3L of water every day’; ‘This month I want to walk for 30 minutes, 5 times a week’. The thing is, sometimes we can lose our way halfway.

Here are some awesome tips, thanks to 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member, Alicia Sims, to help you ramp up your progress in the second half of the month.

Alicia Before and After

Alicia’s incredible transformation on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Alicia has lost an incredible 4.3st since joining the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge helped her say goodbye to soft drinks, alcohol and reduce her consumption of takeaway. “….After seeing the positive changes I was making and the impact it had not only on my body but also on my self esteem, my hubby vowed to reduce his consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and junk food too.

“We were constantly bloated, lethargic and wasted many weekends lazing on the couch,” she says.

But not anymore. The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge helped change all that for both of them. Her husband has also lost weight – nearly a stone! Alicia admits, “Our lifestyle has changed in so many ways, all of which have been for the better.”

After 8 rounds following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and seeing incredible results Alicia is sharing her best tips to push through motivation-slumps and stay on track when it’s halfway through the month.

Over to you Alicia.

Alicia’s 6 tips to stay on track when it’s halfway through the month

1. Measure your progress

Weigh in, pull out the measuring tape and do The Healthy Mummy Fitness Test again from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Compare your results with your initial measurements so you can see how you’ve fared in the first two weeks of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

2. Identify any weaknesses

What didn’t go well in the first two weeks? Did you struggle to commit to a certain habit? What went alright but could be improved?

3. Make a plan


Now that you know where you stand and what you need to improve, it’s time to figure out how you can implement changes to rock the second half of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Didn’t drink enough water? Make a plan to drink more, whether it’s by carrying a water bottle with you throughout your day, adding fruit to make it easier to drink or keeping yourself accountable with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app water intake tracker.

4. Be prepared

If you identified poor food choices as a problem area due to time constraints or being caught out unprepared, now is your chance to change it.

Meal plan, meal prep and make ahead wherever possible to eliminate the temptation of unhealthy convenience foods.

If you didn’t exercise as much as you had hoped, try getting your exercise gear ready the night before so you are ready to hit the ground running.


5. Be accountable

Be accountable. Find someone you trust to help you stay on track during the second half of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Whether it’s someone to exercise with, a helping hand in the kitchen or just someone to check your progress, knowing you aren’t alone is a huge motivator.

The Healthy Mummy Facebook Group is perfect for this if you don’t have a real-life support team.


6. Be realistic

A healthy, sustainable weight loss is around 1-2lbs a week.

With only two weeks left of the current 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, you should be aiming for a 1-2lbs loss at most between now and the end of the month. Don’t worry if you haven’t met your goals so far, just focus on making the next 2 weeks your best yet.


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