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7 ways to battle sugar cravings when you’re trying to lose weight

For some people, sugar cravings dominate their eating habits. The ’empty’ calories in sugar are not only really unhealthy but there are a massive set back when following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

But these impulses can be beaten! And there is no time sweeter than the present to start.

Almost every new mum will experience massive sugar cravings at some point during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Some lactation experts attribute it to the fact that your body is telling you that it needs certain foods, and your mind might be misinterpreting it as a sugar craving.

So, what can you do to battle this fondness for sweet goods and optimise your weight loss plans?


1.  Keep calm and relax

Many dieticians have said that part of our sugar binge stems from stress, and we make it up by consuming sugar because it helps to trigger neurotransmitters called opioids that help make us feel good. So, take a breather now and then, and find some activities that relax your mind and soul.

Take a long warm bath or a walk outdoors to clear your mind, or simply watch some feel good comedies and laugh away your stress and cravings.

2.  Clear your pantry


Now, this might be a little bit tough for new mums who have older kids. There’s always going to be some kind of snack at home for them to munch on but try your best to clear out your pantry. Fill it up instead with healthy, fresh fruits that contain natural sugar.

3.  Get up and go

Just walk away from any sugary food that you see. Seems pretty easy right? But cravings are such a strong feeling and the best way is to just get out of the house and go for a walk around the block. You can even call up your girlfriends and have a chat to take your mind off your sweet tooth.

4.  Healthy combinations

5 Ingredient Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Well if you’re going to eat sweet food anyway, make sure you only take little amounts of it by combining it with fruits. For example, you can dip a banana or strawberry into little servings of melted chocolate so that you get fuller quicker and satisfy your cravings at the same time.

One of the many reasons post pregnancy mums crave for sugar is because the body sometimes confuses it with hunger cravings. Fruits will help you get fuller and stop this constant craving.

5.  Eat complete meals regularly

Again, sugar cravings can be confused with hunger cravings so you need to keep your body wholesomely nourished all the time.

When you have the proper nutrition that keeps you healthy and full, the sugar cravings will keep themselves in check throughout the day. And our  28 Day Weight Loss Challenge can certainly help with that!

6.  Include healthy carbs in your diet plan

Budget Friendly Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

Sugar is considered ‘bad’ carbs and you should opt to eat ‘healthy’ carbs such as legumes, beans, nuts and seeds. These healthy carbs are high in fibre which will play an important role in your post pregnancy weight loss plans.

7.  Exercise

As you know by now, sugar stimulates the release of neurotransmitters that make us feel amazing but exercise also helps our neurons to produce serotonin and dopamine, two very important chemicals to keep us happy!

Instead of eating sugar, go out for a run in the park or check out our AWESOME workouts available on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!


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