8 drinks that will BOOST your weight loss results

It’s not always enough to just change what we eat and increase our exercise. In some cases, what we drink can help boost our weight loss results.

In fact, certain beverages are more effective than others at promoting weight loss.

Now it’s time to say goodbye to soft drinks and take a look at some of the best drinks that will help you see the number on the scales go down…

Healthy drinks that will help you lose weight

1. Water

Drinking water helps you flush out toxins and help you burn extra calories.

A UK study found that people who drank water half an hour before their meals lost over three kilos over the course of 12 weeks, more than those that did not drink any extra water.

When we’re feeling hungry, a lot of the time we’re actually dehydrated so next time you want to reach for a snack, try having a big glass of good old H2O.

2. Green tea

Bursting with antioxidants, green tea is a great and healthy beverage to enjoy if you feel like something hot!

Not only can this drink help to boost your metabolism, but it also provides extra energy, sheds excess water, and helps to burn body fat.

3. Healthy Mummy Smoothie

Figgy Pudding Smoothie

If you haven’t jumped on the Healthy Mummy Smoothie bandwagon, you are missing out!

These meal replacements are excellent source of essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and important antioxidants, plus they’re a great source of fibre so you’ll feel fuller for longer.

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4. Almond milk

If you are whizzing up a smoothie consider using almond milk as it’s low in calories and sugar but contains good, monounsaturated fats.

Though it’s not as high in protein as regular milk, you can buy protein enriched options.

5. Vegetable juice

When it comes to healthy drinks, juice is a tricky one. Fruit juice should be limited as it is very high in sugar and because you aren’t eating the fruit itself, a lot of the fibre benefits are stripped away.

Drinking a few vegetable-based juices each week is a good way to sneak veggies into your diet. However, don’t be fooled by juice cleanses as you won’t get all the nutrients your body needs and if you’re just doing it to lose weight, you’ll most likely gain the weight back when you go back to eating food.

Aim to eat vegetables with every meal, we should be getting five serves every day.

6. Apple cider vinegar

You can find apple cider vinegar in the health food aisle of the supermarket – add it as a dressing to salads or mix a tablespoon in a large glass of water as a drink.

To ease you into the unfamiliar flavour, you may like to add a splash of vegetable juice to dilute the taste.

Apple cider vinegar can help to balance blood sugar levels, and make you feel fuller so you won’t feel like eating as much – so it can act as an appetite depressant.

High blood sugar levels are often linked with obesity, and creating abdominal fat, so it’s important to keep your blood sugar level as even (not too high or too low) as possible.

7. Ginger tea

When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, ginger tea can help you shed kilos.

Studies have showed that ginger can help you feel fuller for longer and help prevent obesity if drank while dieting.

8. Natural fruit juice

Try making your own fruit juice using anything you have in your fruit bowl.

Most fruit juices you pick up in the supermarket contain a lot of sugar in them, to help preserve them, and can be really fattening.

However, by making a juice yourself, you know exactly what is going into it and you can add water to help dilute it down.

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