Check out this quick Lower Body Work Out with Nathalia!

Want to up your fitness level and get strong legs, glutes and core?!! Check out this quick and effective lower body work out from our new 28 Days Stronger Fitness Coach Nathalia Melo!

I don’t have time‘ is one of the most common and popular excuses for not working out and keeping fit. The truth is that it really doesn’t need to take a lot of time out of your day.  This quick lower body work will take less than 15 mins or you can customise the reps to suit you.  Plus, you don’t even need to leave the house!

Watch Nathalia’s Work Out in the video and check the exercises and options below!


  • 1 minute on each exercise for 3 rounds
  • 10 reps of each for 4 rounds
  • 40 seconds on 10 second off for 5 rounds with 1 minute rest in-between each round! 


  • Side Lunges

    Side lunges are effective for working your INNER and outer thigh along with your glutes!  Start standing with legs slightly wider than shoulder-distance apart and toes pointed forward. Transfer your body weight to one leg, bending your knee until into a 90-degree angle keeping your other leg straight! Sit back into your glutes! Repeat for the other side.


  • High Kicks

    High Kicks are a brilliant cardio movement that help strengthen your core! 


  • Squat Kickbacks 

    Squats are a great calorie burning full body movement1 The kickback motion is an effective glute isolation exercise!!! Isolating the glutes help activate them properly which equals a perkier behind! 


  • Glute Bridges

    This lower body exercise isolates and strengthens the glutes! Lie die on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground! Keeping your arms at your side with your palms facing down. Engage your core and then lift your hips off the ground until your knees, hips and shoulders form a straight line! Hold and then lower down – repeat! 


  • Donkey Kicks

    Donkey Kicks help tone, tighten and strengthen your butt!! Make sure when doing donkey kicks you aren’t swinging your legs or dipping your back, stay as still and stable as you can focusing on your GLUTES doing all the work! Always engage your core!

Things to remember!

  • Engage your core
  • Execute proper technique – it’s better to do less reps the right way!
  • Always check with your health care professional if you have injuries
  • Have fun!

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