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How to regain your confidence as a new mum in 6 steps

If you’ve just had a baby, then you should be feeling on top of the world, right?

You’ve just created the miracle of life and you’re absolutely amazing. So, be proud of yourself.

However, for some mums, their confidence and self-esteem can wane a little due to all of the changes in their lives. We totally understand!

How to regain your confidence as a new mum in 6 steps

So, here is some information to help you on your journey to feeling 100% again.

What is confidence?

Confidence – it’s all about believing in yourself and feeling great.

Unfortunately, we know that some new mums experience low levels of confidence.

For starters, while your new bundle of joy can be a source of great happiness, babies can also be stressful.

You’re never quite sure if you’re doing the right thing. Even with the best advice in the world, it’s hard to feel confident that you’re not making any mistakes.

Society also often judges new mothers on the way they raise their babies. Worrying about what others are thinking can really undermine a new mum’s confidence as a result.

According to a new study, mums are facing more critical judgement nowadays than previous generations. Whether through social media, or the fact that Google makes people think they’re qualified medical professionals, mums are under scrutiny like never before.

It’s no wonder new mums are suffering a crisis of confidence!

So, let’s reverse this trend right now, and reclaim this positive space for mums with the following 6 steps.

6 steps to help you regain confidence as a new mum

regain confidence

1. Find a supportive group of local mums

A good place to start is by joining our amazing community of mums, for genuine support. There are thousands of mums there who can help answer your questions and help you in ways that no one else can.

2. Fake it until you make it

But apart from a lack of confidence, that’s associated with raising a baby, unfortunately, many new mums also often lack confidence due to their appearance.

After having a baby, it takes time to lose the weight and get back to your old shape. Sleep-deprivation is also a factor. It leaves all of us looking exhausted.

The last message any new mum wants to convey to the world is that her unglamorous appearance is a sign that she isn’t coping.

Naturally, she wants the world to look at her and think she is fully in control of the situation. But all too often the reality behind the scenes is different. Take it from us, when a new baby arrives in a household, life almost always turns pretty chaotic!

Despite this chaos, we understand that most new mothers want their appearance to indicate to the world that they have everything under control. It’s an important part of regaining confidence after having a baby.

Looking like you have it under control matters.

It’s not just about vanity. It’s about presenting an image of confidence to the world. If you show the world you have confidence, you’re less likely to be judged, and that in turn will really make you confident.

In other words: Fake it till you make it!

So, as a new mum, with a chaotic household, what steps can you take to make it look like you have bucket loads of confidence?

Try any of these tips that you believe suit you.

DIY Coffee Scrub

3. Skincare

  • Sleep is crucial to good skin. We know you’ll be sleep deprived, but try to nap as often as possible, even while your baby is asleep.
  • Eat well. Your skin will GLOW if you feed it the right healthy foods. Join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for over 4,000 amazing fresh recipes that will give your skin a boost. Save time in the morning by having a Healthy Mummy Smoothie for breakfast – it takes about 3 minutes MAX.
  • Water, water, water! Drinking at least eight glasses a day will keep your skin glowing and looking fresh.
  • Think a fake tan will make you look orange? Well, actually there are some great fake tans out there nowadays. They will make your skin glow, can cover stretch marks, and will make people think you’ve had plenty of free time for lazing in the sun.
  • Read our 5 budget beauty tips to ‘fake’ a full night of sleep

Vanilla Smoothie and Glass jug

4. Make-up

  • If you find foundation too heavy, go for a lighter cream or tinted moisturiser instead. They can help you fake that eight-hours-sleep look.
  • Did you know if you apply a dab of white eye shadow on the inner corner of your lids, it will make your eyes look wide awake?
  • Save precious time by getting your eyelashes and eyebrows dyed.
  • Simply dabbing a small amount of rosy blusher on your cheeks will make you look fresh – even if you don’t feel it.

4. Haircare

  • Clean, shiny hair not only makes you feel better. It also shows the world that you have time to wash and condition your hair.
  • Start washing your hair in the evenings. This saves precious time in the mornings which tend to be more chaotic.
  • Select a hairstyle that is easy and low-maintenance. Anything that saves you time is great. If you have long hair, a pack of good quality hair elastics are useful for creating quick up-dos.
  • If you’re having a bad hair day, don’t fight it! Spray in some sea salt spray for a casual, beachy look.
  • If your hair is greasy in the morning, tie it back and just wash the fringe, or spray it with dry shampoo.

Mums on the beach outdoors

5. Style

  • It’s really important to feel comfortable with what you’re wearing. Don’t feel pressured to wear the latest fashions but stick with timeless classics.
  • Underwear is really important. While most people won’t see it, good-quality, good-fitting underwear will make you feel much better. Don’t forget about control pants, they can help flatten your tummy and make you feel much better!
  • Don’t try to squeeze into your old bras and make yourself uncomfortable. Your bra size has probably changed. Get measured professionally to find the right bra for you.
  • If you’re at that in-between stage, where you can’t quite fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes yet, but you’re too small for your maternity-wear, invest in some inexpensive basics and add some bling accessories, such as belts or necklaces.
  • Wear sunglasses as much as possible, even on cloudy days. They will hide the effects of sleepless nights.


6. Remember – don’t be too hard on yourself!

  • Having a new baby is exhausting. All mothers know that. Nobody is expecting a new mum to be looking her best after long, sleepless nights! Nor should you! Remember to hand baby over to dad when you can, to give yourself a break (and a chance for him to bond).
  • But by following these few tips and tricks, you can help improve the way you present yourself to the world, which will make you feel more confident.
  • And best of all, with the team at The Healthy Mummy, you have dedicated professionals who understand what you’re going through. We will be there beside you every step of the way to help boost your confidence level sky-high!

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