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How this mum used the tips, tricks and advice found in The Healthy Mummy community to hit her goals

We love The Healthy Mummy community and know how loving, supportive and helpful it can be to mums who are looking to lose weight and change their lifestyle.

When we heard 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member Alison Hyland’s story of asking WWOHMD? (What Would Other Healthy Mummies Do?) we knew we had to share!


Community help has kept Alison on track and motivated

“First-time photo poster. So this morning I was down that I haven’t lost much on the scales and thought to myself what do other Healthy Mummies do when they feel like this, they compare before and after pics and measurements. So here is my little pick me up.

1.2st lost since the start of this year. I will get to my goal but feeling better in myself is just as good.”

“The eating on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has been the easiest part as I try to always do a cook up on a weekend & prepare all my main meals. This was a must as I work full time with three teenage boys so unless I was super organised it just wasn’t going to happen.” 

Fit the exercise in when you can

“The exercise was different & at times somewhat challenging when I would come late from work. But I took tips & tricks learnt from the support group. I started doing squats while waiting for the microwave to finish, or while waiting for the shower to warm up.

I’m not good with early morning exercise so I found 40 minutes at the gym during my lunch break a couple of days a week worked best. But the more active I have become the more I actually crave it.”

Don’t let holidays scare you

“Going on holidays I thought would be tough but in fact, I exercised more as I felt good. I started at 13.5st and now am 12.3st. My new goal is 11.4st.

“I love this group, I’ve learnt soooo much, especially how to be kind to myself.”

“I often look at The Healthy Mummy recipe hub from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for inspiration of what to cook. I’ve also been using the Healthy Mummy workout videos.”

We love that you get so much inspiration and information from the community Alison and we can’t wait to see you kick all your goals!

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