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Generous mum donates 1000 pints of breast milk to babies in need

For some mothers, breastfeeding is very difficult (or just not possible) and they need to rely on donated breast milk to feed their little one.

That’s where mums like Tabitha Frost help out by donating their excess breast milk to other local mums or to a milk bank.

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Tabitha has hyperlactation syndrome, a rare condition that causes her body to produce three times as much breast milk than average.

To avoid mastitis and clogged milk ducts, the mum of three has a strict pumping schedule (every three hours!) while also demand feeding her youngest child at the same time.

She has already donated 1000 pints of breast milk, with much of her time spent pumping, cleaning and sanitising her equipment – while also looking after her three children.

As she notes on her Instagram page, she doesn’t take time off from her milk-pumping schedule despite family emergencies or holidays. ‘Even on vacation, the pumping (and lack of sleep) never ends,’ she says.

The California based mother shares stories on her Instagram page of the families she has been able to help out with her donated milk.

A post shared by Tabitha Frost (@liquidgoldmine) on

This includes a local mother of four who has twin babies with a bleeding disease that relies solely on breast milk. ‘Their mama had surgery and lost her supply during recovery. So happy to help them,’ she says.

We love stories like this at the Healthy Mummy, with mums helping out other mums! What an inspiration Tabitha is!

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