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What you need to know about weight loss when breastfeeding

If you decide to breastfeed your baby, especially if you are exclusively breastfeeding, a mother requires an additional 300-600 calories per day to lactate.

Once your baby starts on solids, this additional amount of calories may reduce as your baby not be consuming as much milk as before (or in fact they may still be, every baby is different).


What you need to know about weight loss when breastfeeding

Some mothers lose their pregnancy weight very quickly while breastfeeding. Other mothers do not. Some mothers lose the weight once they stop breastfeeding. Others do not. Some mothers are STARVING while they are breastfeeding. Others are not. 

The most important thing to remember is if you are trying to lose weight after you have had your baby, you need to listen to your body and what it is telling you.

breastfeeding. mother holding newborn baby in an embrace and breastfeed

If you are hungry, that is ok and very normal. But if you are trying to lose some of your pregnancy weight, you need to choose better options to eat during these times.

As your baby starts eating and drinking well and your energy requirements for lactation decrease, you will need to decrease your calorie intake. If you continue to consume those additional calories, like any unused energy, a little weight can creep up.

Get Prepared!

The best thing to do while you are breastfeeding is to prepare and plan your meals and snacks in advance

This isn’t that easy in the first few months but if you stock your fridge with the right foods and cook some snacks the night before, the easy snack can be a healthier one too.

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Take It Easy With Weight Loss When Breastfeeding

If you are aiming to lose weight while breastfeeding, your journey should be slow and gradual. Aim for NO MORE then 1-2lb* per week.

The reason for this is, not only is slower weight loss less likely to be put back but on, but also when you have a new babe, the focus should be on your baby and your energy levels. You also do not want to jeopardise your milk supply.

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When you slow down on breastfeeding or wean your baby, please do not stress if you put on a little bit of weight. Stop and take the time to evaluate your diet and see where you could change things. Start by doing a simple diet check by writing what you ate during the day.

If you’re a breastfeeding mother who is keen to lose baby weight, we’ve got you covered. At The Healthy Mummy we believe that breastfeeding and weight loss can go hand in hand, which is why the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is breastfeeding-friendly, customisable and designed for busy mums.


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