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21 most popular excuses not to have sex

There are SO MANY popular excuses mums use to get out of sexy times!

Because sometimes getting on down in funky town is the last thing on a busy mum’s mind, quite frankly there’s just too many other things that get in the way of sex.

So come on, how many of these popular excuses have you used?


21 popular excuses to get out of sexy time

1. You are so tired and just want to sleep.

2. You are so tired and just want to sleep.

3. You are so tired and just want to sleep.

4. You’ve managed to get some sleep and now you have the energy to attack the massive laundry pile and dirty floors.

5. There is a massive pile of washing that needs to be folded otherwise no one will have clothes for the next day.

6. What if someone wakes up while you’re doing it and stands at the end of the bed staring at you?

7. Your toddler won’t stay in their own bed, your newborn is due to wake up any minute now and you haven’t had time for a shower all day.

8. You have just downloaded the final season of your favourite TV series and made yourself a cuppa.

9. The tooth fairy – what if she’s too busy getting busy and forgets?

10. It’s been eight weeks since you’ve given birth and you feel as though you’re in need of some deforestation.

11. Your stomach is really playing up after that spicy meal out.

19 things that get in the way of sexy time

12. You are too busy mentally figuring out how you will ferry three kids to different specialist appointments tomorrow.

13. The ‘red dragon’ is expected to swoop in soon so it’s best you hold off on sex just in case.

14. Your fitness band isn’t charged and it won’t count as an ‘activity’ so why bother?

15. A person at the supermarket made a snide remark about one of the kids and you just can’t seem to get over it.

16. You’ve just had a particularly unpleasant phone conversation with your in-laws.

17. The school lunches aren’t made, you can’t find library books and tomorrow you have to help out at school.

18. Ugh, it’s WAY too hot! Or WAY too cold!

19. The house is a mess, if I ignore it, it’ll just get worse.

20. Your dog or cat might feel left out if they are booted out of the room.

21. You have just found out that your favourite celebrity is getting divorced and are devastated.

Bonus: It’s little Johnny’s birthday on the weekend and I haven’t got a present, or wrapping paper and I haven’t RSVP’ed!

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