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I had a wedding last weekend and wore a dress I would never dare to wear before…

Katie shares how she received a huge boost to her self-esteem after a recent dress shopping trip left her feeling absolutely amazing for the first time in years!

Katie Elizabeth Kirkham, 32, is a Mum of 2 girls aged 3 and 6 from West Yorkshire.

She has been following the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for over 2 years, with a total of 48 pounds lost which took her 12 months to do and she has maintained the loss for over a year!

Katie proudly shares, “I had a wedding last weekend and wore a dress I would never dare to wear before, a tight bodycon dress to my knees, I felt absolutely amazing for the first time in years and it gave me a huge boost to my self-esteem to know I can now go in a shop and pick something I actually want to wear not just pick something because it fits and covers my lumps and bumps.

I’ve now got the shopping bug and can’t stop updating my wardrobe!! I’ve also just bought 2 skirts above the knee which again I would have never even looked at these styles before I became a Healthy Mummy!.

Health benefits since joining The Healthy Mummy

I’ve seen lots of health benefits including a lot less pain in my back, my skin is clearer and my nails and hair are in so much better condition.

Also, my mental health is no longer suffering from anxiety of been seen in public and judged on how I look as I was so self-conscious about my weight I found it easier to not go on social events, I now love nothing more than getting dressed up fancy and going anywhere I’m invited to!

I’ve also managed to control my chocolate addiction by replacing shop-bought milk chocolate to make my own Healthy Mummy snacks using dark chocolate and honey and I love this benefit.

I love the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app I use the search bar to create meals from the ingredients I already have and I love the huge variety of ideas!!

Katie’s favourite Healthy Mummy recipes and Smoothies

I use the Healthy Mummy Smoothies now as a weight-loss tool when I’m feeling a bit bloated, if I have gained a few pounds or just want a quick breakfast, my favourite Smoothie is the new caramel flavour.

Say what? Family-friendly Beef Lasagne cooked on the stovetop!

My favourite meals are anything pasta based, we as a family love the Mediterranean chicken and veg pasta, the Beef and mushroom mac n cheese and any Lasagne from the app!

Our favourite snacks are literally any of the chocolate-based ones, Peanut bubble crunch is the kids favourite and mine is the Chocolate hazelnut and sultanas slice.

Katies’ top tips for other mums

  • Be consistent!!! Try a little bit harder today than you did yesterday.
  • Make healthy choices replace whatever is your weakness with a healthier version (the app has it covered!!).
  • Drink water, it really does help with weight loss.
  • Chose an exercise you can stick to if it’s walking, walk! Every step helps you get closer to your goals.

Katie’s tips for not giving up, “trust me I’ve been here so many times!!”

  • Remember why you started.
  • Just push your self that little bit further than you did yesterday if you had a bad day don’t turn it into a bad week just start again!!
  • Have a goal to work towards it may be a dress, an outfit for an occasion or losing a few pounds but always remember your goals.
  • Try swapping snacks to get back on track.

The Healthy Mummy community has helped my self-esteem so much, the lovely comments I received over my years with the group has completely changed the way I now see my self as I really did hate what I saw in the mirror, even after a big weight loss I still felt fat and horrible but I no longer have these self-sabotaging feeling and I am starting to love my self even with my flaws, I see how much I’ve actually achieved and I’m starting to like who I see staring back at me.

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